Taurus – Love Horoscope 2018

Taurus Love Horoscope 2018 – 2018 would end up as an average year for Taurus natives in love matters. The start of the year is enthusiastic for romance seekers and there could be sparks of love and passion. You would indulge in romantic dinners and seize some travel opportunities together. However, when it comes to libidinous action, there is not much in store this year as per your love horoscope.

Physical needs may not be met to your satisfaction during 6th Jan to end of the month and from 7th March to 2nd May. Some ego issues in your relationship are also possible. You would be irritable and easy to anger and quick to pick up fights.

The period from 2nd May to 6th November however is very positive. You would get emotionally and physically closer to each other. The strong intensity and passion would improve your relationship and grow sparks of love in your heart. This is a great period to indulge in some sensual encounters with spouse.

In a broader sense, you should be cautious in love matters as there is possibility or separation and distance due to placement of Saturn and Rahu. A mature and flexible attitude is the key to maintaining a cordial bond.

The month of August is a time when your physical needs could spike up like crazy and this could trigger some issues. Chances of affairs and interest out of your existing partnership are strong. Avoid bad company at this time.

The period from 19th Sep to 6 Oct is perfect to indulge in romance and love. And the period after 11th October is highly promising for single folks too. You might get a new partner around this time, someone who is bold, brave, and courageous in their attitude.

2018 may not end on a positive note in love affairs and marriage as there could be arguments with spouse. Keep a positive and compromising approach. Things would get better eventually.