Taurus October 2017 Horoscope

This month would be somewhat challenging for you as you might find yourself being a hurdle for your own self. It is the time when your own actions could be detrimental to you although the environment around you would still be positive. You would find support from various quarters. There will be a great amount of creativity and spring of new ideas would flow from within you. Work related matters are good. Working jointly is very much welcomed during this time. You would find opposition at your work during the second half of the month but do not get distressed. As long as you are able to bring your detractors on board and get them to join you, you should find a great amount of success for yourself throughout this month.

There would be support from people in authority and the people in higher places after the 17th October 2017. You should get as much support as possible as people in authority could be very supportive in the long term. Mind would be somewhat worried, disturbed and you might find yourself unnecessarily stressed out during this period. There will not be any major issues as such. Because of your tendency to worry you should not spoil your outlook in life. Health and aggression could rise throughout this month. There could be many issues because of your short temper. Try to get a grip on things and avoid getting into any controversial situation till the end of the month. Matters relating to home and real estate matters both could be very active and cause some amount of worry and distraction. Some major home or real estate matters could get settled during this month.

This could bring in a tremendous partnership opportunity or there could be a new relationship connected with someone at your area of work during this month. Further the Mercury Jupiter combination takes place in your house of creativity that is your 5th house and some great new ideas could come about which could bring in very high amount of progress and growth after the 11th October 2017.

Career: Career would be positive. There would be growth and opportunities due to partnerships and joint efforts made by you. Work environment could be a bit challenging. There could be competition and some female colleague might create hassles for you to some extent. Team and colleagues might be a source of stress but at the same time you will find new ideas and creative work by the team that would be beneficial for you in the long term.

Love and Marriage: Love matters are not easy during this month. There could be some complications, ego hassles and misunderstandings mostly. Avoid getting controversial in love life during this month. Existing relationships would be very positive. There would be clarity although some amount of anxiousness is possible but overall you will move towards commitment and happiness. Marriage matters are not easy. There could be fights and anxiety issues. There could be ego hassles unnecessarily also. so you should avoid getting controversial at all times.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be many gains from various creative efforts that you make. While there will be some worry about liquidity overall cash flows would generate in a very healthy manner. Income will be good throughout the month. Investments should give you very good returns.

Students and Children: Children related matters are positive. You will be very happy with regards to issues regarding children. Children will do very well. Students will do extremely well also. There would be great learning opportunities and exam results should also be very positive and helpful.

Health and Family: Health would remain a bit under the cloud till the 13th October 2017 and improve tremendously after that. Family matters will be happy and positive throughout.