Virgo – Love Horoscope 2018

Virgo Love Horoscope 2018 – 2018 is an average year in terms of love and romance. Some anger issues may cause distance with partner in the beginning of the year. The first two months may not be as promising for your relationship as a result. Keep ego and anger out of the equation to maintain harmony. From March onward, your passion and sensual needs would increase.

The period from 2nd May to 6th November is also positive as you would have a good energy level and libido. Passion and romance would increase between you and there could be some sensually intense moments as well. This period is especially romantic for married people.

Some dissatisfaction may still be felt in relationship matters and unless you learn to compromise and respect your partner, this sense of displeasure would remain. The period after September looks positive in this regard as you would have ample leisure time together.

However, keep your sexual energy in check as too much of it could lead to excessive desires and secret love affairs. Health of partner also needs attention. Things would be better post 11th October, especially for married folks.

If you are single, you might bump into someone worth your while after 11th October, someone cheerful as well as hard working.

There is a slight possibility of disputes and break up as well thus this is the year to be careful in general. Too much differences could lead to frustration. Learn to accept other’s opinions and perspectives as well. While it’s okay to keep yourself occupied in daily errands to avoid any confrontations, this is not a permanent solution.

2018 would end positively for you Virgo. Partner needs more love, support and pampering as the year ends. It would be good if you compromise a bit as this is the best approach to avoid any unfortunate events in love matters.