Virgo October 2017 Horoscope

Virgo will find October 2017 a bit challenging compared to the last few months. There would be unrest at home, expenses also in domestic matters will tend to rise. There would be a certain amount of unexpected pressures due to your own way of thinking. This month would experience the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in your own sign. This activity will lead to a lot of thinking, churning of mind. There will be a sudden rush of opportunities on various directions during this period. Mostly you will find it is going to be a learning experience and towards the end of the month you might find some peace and satisfaction at what you did throughout the month. Further the Saturn-Venus Conjunction would be very productive for you as there would be gains and substantial growth due to your own creative efforts.

Period close to the 29th October 2017 would give you some results and opportunities in these areas.
You would find yourself prone to ego during this month and that might be counterproductive. Be very careful and avoid thinking too much about yourself till the 16th October 2017 and avoid speaking arrogantly after the 17th October 2017 as these are the two aspects which could spoil the outlook for you to a large extent. Aggression in domestic matters could also spoil an otherwise favorable month. Expenses would remain high and you might end up spending money on unnecessary things. Try to be judicial in spending money during this month.

Career: Career would be your highest focus and priority during this time. Substantial progress will come through and you will find working with the masses as well as working in joint projects associations would be the most beneficial for you. Work environment would be a bit stressful but overall the outlook would be good. Team and colleagues will help you a lot although working very closely with the team could have negative impact on your domestic matters but you could easily delegate matters to the team and there would be very good results.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be good. There would be happy and positive trends throughout the month. 13th October 2017 onwards, romance would be high and chances of a new relationship for the unattached are very high. Existing relationships would do well. There would be happy trends and 13th October 2017 onwards there would be social outings and many opportunities. Marriage matters would be happy overall. Spouse would prevail over your thinking but you will be mostly active and working together with spouse throughout this month.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good. There would be good amount of inflows and comfort when it comes to liquidity. However your overheads and expenses would be on a rise. This is not a positive trend and it could take away most of the money you have. Be very careful and do not spend indiscriminately. Income will be good and improve further towards the end of the month. Investments will also give you good results throughout this month.

Students and Children: Children would have a good month. There would be happy and positive trends throughout. Students related matters are also going to be very effective and positive. Learning will take place in a very good way. You will understand new areas that you were not aware of previously. Exam results would also be very good.

Health and Family: Health will remain positive although you might worry about health matters unnecessarily at times. Family life will be good. There will be happy and very helpful trends throughout.