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Cancer Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 will call for more efforts and hard work on both personal and professional front. Fortunes will favor you if you work diligently towards attaining your goals. Being practical will add more value to life and will give you greater benefits than being too emotional, polite, and sensitive.

Independence will be the key word, in the year 2020 for Cancer moon sign natives. You need to embrace freedom and give it away, too, to your near and dear ones. Dependency, of any kind, is not going to support your success plans in the long term. Move out of the shadow of your friends and siblings and believe in yourself and your abilities to move ahead with a more confident and optimistic persona.

  • New partnerships are indicated – both in personal and professional life, as Saturn will be moving in your 7th
  • New business opportunities and expansion avenues will open up during the year.
  • Aggression need to be kept in check as problems with colleagues, seniors, partners or spouse may arise.

Wealth prospects for Cancer Horoscope in 2020- The year 2020 will be marked with stability in financial matters. Favorable wealth accumulation prospects are indicated through investment in global business ventures and stock market. If Moon is benefic in your natal chart, you can also expect a good amount of unearned income through your mother. If you are planning to take a loan, you will get some favorable opportunities, during this year. For those, who are looking for a job, the months of April and May will offer a suitable and steady job, which will offer you a rewarding and regular source of income. These months are particularly beneficial for service class people, as salary increments can be expected. However, you will only be able to realize it with honest efforts.

Sudden financial problems may crop up in the month of March. So, you need to be cautious of your investments and expenditures in this period. A check on extravagance is required, as the placement of Rahu in your natal chart may give you some sudden expenses. So, indulge sensibly and prioritize the items in your wish list.

Family, marriage and love life of Cancer Horoscope in 2020 – Overall, it will be a prosperous year for your family relations. You will be affectionate towards your siblings and they will also reciprocate the same feelings.

Your true love may call out from across the globe and a new relationship can be initiated, post January. However, there will be an aura of uncertainty and instability in your love relations, during the year 2020. April-May are the fruitful months for getting married and starting a new life. If you are married, you will enjoy a cordial relationship with your spouse. Romance will not be very evident, but showing care and concern in everyday activities can cover up for it. Children will be a source of happiness and there will be love and affection in your relationship with them.

Some trivial issues can crop up around February-March, so caution is advised in day-to-day dealings and actions. Patience, practicality and clear communication will help you in sorting out these issues. Disputes over finances may tend to ruin the atmosphere at home. It is advisable, to go with the flow of events throughout the year and do not try to make any major changes or alterations in your personal and family life.

Health prospects of Cancer Horoscope in 2020- Your health prospects in the year 2020 will largely be governed by the shadow planet Rahu and Ketu. These planets will be placed in your 6th house of health and well-being and in your 12th house of hospitalization. Though it will be an average year for your health related matters but June-July, specifically, will demand medical attention, since chances of chronic illness are there.

Avoid extreme emotions, especially that of anger and aggression. Create and follow a regular health regime, which should include yoga and meditation classes. Also, concentrate on your dietary habits, during the year.

Career prospects of Cancer Horoscope in 2020- Mars is your career lord which is going to be in a very good state during its transit in the year 2020. So you will get good opportunities in career, and chances of promotion are also high. A foreign connection will also help further your professional gains. You may be required to take up global travel for fulfillment of your professional desires. These journeys may help you get income gains or promotion, during the latter half of the year, particularly in October-December. Short travels within the country will also favor your career objectives.

If you are planning to start any new venture, you must weigh all the pros and cons thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Placement of Saturn in your 7th house, might cause some delays in realization of your business plans but the results will be sure and secure. Nonetheless, independent work task will give you more success than group or partnership projects. During September, financial gains through career or government association are indicated.