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Capricorn Horoscope 2020

Capricorn moon sign natives are prudent, down to earth, cautious, and pretty sure of their actions and their outcomes. Organizational skills comes naturally to them. During the year 2020, your attitude and your innate skills will help you thrive, specifically on the professional front. After few initial days of struggle, luck will start favoring you, post 24th January. But for the most part of January there will be a dull phase, so it is advisable to let it pass, and do not plan anything major in this month.

When Jupiter will move into your 8th house during the latter part of the year, hidden issues may come to surface. These will largely affect your marital life. But, luckily, you will have the necessary patience to resolve these matters with mutual understanding and will be able to avoid any major setbacks in your marital relationship.

  • Steady flow of income will be there along with similar level of expenditure. Big investments will require additional care and caution. Stay away from any legal hassles during the year.
  • Impulsiveness in family and love relations should be avoided. Nurture marital relationship with care and affection.
  • Your persistent efforts would be paid off in due course of time, so patience and hard work will be the key in professional endeavors, this year.

Wealth predictions for Capricorn Horoscope for the year 2020- The year 2020 will be marked with increased expenditure on family and health front. While there will be a steady flow of income round the year, you will experience similar level of expenditure, too. During the beginning of the year, your ascendant and 2nd house lord Saturn will be in your 12th house which represents increased expenditure. After 24th January, it will be moving into Capricorn sign, which is considered a good placement of Saturn. However, it will be a short phase, since your 12th house lord Jupiter will be placed along with your ascendant lord Saturn from March, and thus, your expenses will again shoot up.

During September-October you may again incur sudden expenditures. Caution is advised in all money matters, throughout the year. Think thoroughly before making any investments, whether in property, shares or stock market and avoid high-risk ventures, under all circumstances.

Family, marriage and love life of Capricorn Horoscope in the year 2020- Your family front, marriage and love life will be harmonious, in general, but is going to witness lot of ups and downs throughout the year. The pace will be slow and steady, with lack of verbal expressions, but initiatives will have an aura of care and affection. You will be a little disoriented and dissatisfied with your family life, during the start of the year. Post mid-January, there is a likelihood of buying some property or vehicle for the family. Some unexpected gains can come through in the month of February.

Initial few months of the year will be dull for your marital and love life, but once Jupiter transits in the Capricorn sign, passion in love relationships will be ignited. March-July will witness some arguments, but they will be of no major concern, in fact you will be rather loving towards your partner in this period. This time is also favorable for those who are planning to get married.

For those who are in quest of love, a new relationship could be initiated during the latter half of the year, which may turn into a more stable and permanent alliance as you approach year-end. Domestic happiness and romance with understanding and enhanced compatibility will be evident in your existing relationships, during this period.

Health predictions for Capricorn Horoscope for the year 2020- Overall you will have a healthy New Year. Few initial days will require some attention towards health due to the affliction of your 1st and 6th house. But, this period will pass off soon. From here on, there is no indication of any major health problem, however, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to sustain this phase. During September-October health-related issues of family members may crop up. Special attention will be required towards the health of your spouse and father, during the year.

Career predictions for Capricorn Horoscope for the year 2020- You will witness good results on the professional front, during the year 2020. You will start on a positive note as Saturn will be transiting in your first house in January, and will aspect your 10th house of career. Also, Mars, which is the lord of your 11th house will be in its own house and favorable placement of Rahu in your 6th house will give you fruitful career results. A foreign connection will help augment your career further. Status, name and fame are anticipated through professional endeavors, during the year.

Your best stint at work will begin from June onwards. August-September will require some extra efforts, but results will be as per expectations. You could be a little pessimistic in this period but your wisdom will help you regain positivity and will motivate you to work towards a better future. By November things will be much better, and you will get exciting opportunities for business expansion and career enhancement.