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Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2020 for all 12 moon signs

Finances and wealth are among the crucial aspects of life. It is important to make wise decisions over financial matters to achieve the aspired standard of living, According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered as the karaka of wealth and Venus is the signification of comfort and luxuries. The important houses that matter in ascertaining the financial position of a person include the 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from your moon sign, in your natal chart. The significance of your 1st, 5th and 9th house cannot be ruled out, for they represent your precious life karmas and your destiny.

A thorough analysis on all these parameters is carried out to bring you finance and wealth predictions, basis your moon sign, for the year 2020, so that you can make better financial decisions for a prosperous New Year.

Aries Finances and Wealth 2020: During January-February, Mars will be placed in its own sign in the 8th house of sudden gains, which is a favorable sign for you to get wealth through inheritance. During March-April 2020, Venus, which is the lord of your 2nd and 7th house will increase your income gains through career as Jupiter, which is the significator of wealth will be moving into your house of career. You may experience certain delays in this period but they will be profitable. Between April and June, Mars will be in its exalted sign, in your 10th house and thus, all your efforts towards income generation will give you desired results. The latter half of the year would mostly be a smooth period with no major ups and downs, however, some caution is advised in the month of October, wherein you may experience an unexpected rise in expenditure.

Taurus Finances and Wealth 2020: The year 2020 will be beneficial for your financial stability, but it will not come quite easily to you. You will need to put in efforts and hard work to boost your finances. The initial months of the year will be fruitful for you as Venus which is the lord of your 6th house will get you good gains through your job or service. Business profitability is also indicated in this period. Some sudden wealth gains are expected around March. By the second half of the year, good gains from your professional field and some unearned income is foreseen. Your expenditure will also zoom up in this period. But, with your enhanced wisdom and intelligence, you will be able to save wisely, to reduce the effects of increased monetary outflows.

Gemini Finances and Wealth 2020: You will start on a slow paced growth in finances, in the year 2020, which will start to advance only by the end of June, when Jupiter will move into Capricorn sign along with Mars. However, you are advised to keep a low profile on financial matters, this year, and do not go overboard with wealth accumulation or income generation possibilities. Debts and financial disputes may arise during July-November. Some gains through inheritance are anticipated, in this period. August-September will be profitable months, but partnership projects will require caution. Some additional income generation opportunists may surface in September. From November onwards your fortunes will start favoring your efforts.

Cancer Finances and Wealth 2020: This year may give a great deal of financial stability, but, only if you trade with caution. You need to be calculative and practical in money dealings, throughout the year. Your will be in a confused state of mind and ambiguity of thoughts will lead you to face certain setbacks in financial matters. During January-February some income gains through change of position or place in job is anticipate. With Venus placed in your house of income, in its own sign, you will get some fruitful travel opportunities to enhance your career, leading to a related rise in income. Jupiter will retrograde from June-November, and thus, you will need to think through your investments and expenditures, in these months.

Leo Finances and Wealth 2020: Your enhanced intelligence and methodical approach in career will give you good gains, in the initial months of the year 2020. March-June, will be a difficult period as you may face financial troubles primarily cropping up through setbacks in career, as your ego will take over your rationality. In the months between June and November, this phase may tend to expand to offer you some serious financial setbacks, where you could even encounter loss of money and wealth, if they are not handled properly. You will need to be more attentive towards your career, to ensure a stable flow of income through it, when Rahu moves into the Taurus sign, post September.

Virgo Finances and Wealth 2020: The placement of Rahu in your career house, in Gemini sign, will give you a lot of fluctuations in money matters, throughout the year. To handle these fluctuations you need concentrate on your career moves and weigh all the pros and cons before proceeding further on a proposed professional or business venture. You will get the support of your luck through the favorable placement of Venus in your 2nd and 9th house. During June-November, Jupiter will be in retrograde state, so, you need keep a check on your expenses, as the monetary gains in this period will be low, though, you may earn well through partnership projects and assignments.

Libra Finances and Wealth 2020: You will get the support of your spouse in attaining financial stability, during the year 2020. Placement of Jupiter in your 4th and 5th house and it’s accept on your career and gain house, will give you profits through Intelligent investments done over property. Until November, there will be lots of fluctuations on your finances and they will lack stability. Huge efforts will be required on your part to regularize income gains, in this period. Long travels within or outside the country are indicated and may bring you some good returns. Latter half of the year will be much stable, but financial gains will be mediocre.

Scorpio Finances and Wealth 2020: The year 2020 will start on mixed note, where you will get average financial gains, but with extra efforts and perseverance. Any financial gains will not come to you easily during the first half of the year and there could be delays in realization of profits, through various means. By mid-year, you will get some sudden income gains or an opportunity to earn good income. During the latter half of the year, the association of Jupiter and Saturn will provide you enough gains that will be at par with your efforts. So, you need to manipulate your efforts accordingly, to get maximum benefits.

Sagittarius Finances and Wealth 2020: The year doesn’t promise any big financial gains for you, however, events seem to take a favorable turn, by year-end. The presence of a number of planets in your ascendant house during the year 2020, will not provide you required clarity on financial matters. So, you are advised to avoid any major financial dealings, during the year. You could incur expenditure over property, family assets and luxuries, during the start of the year. From June to November, your favorable period will begin, where income and wealth generation possibilities will be good and money inflow will be smooth.

Capricorn Finances and Wealth 2020: The year will start off with some expenditures, mainly over travel. However, you will be able to control the extent of these expenses. From 24th January onwards, there will be stability in financial matters. Expect some delays but profitability will be there. The first 3-4 months will give good income gains through professional ventures. From July onwards, Jupiter will take up such a position, which will favor your income through property investments and inheritance. From November onwards you will be enticed to put your money in some large-scale investments, however, you should control this urge and avoid any major dealings, during this period.

Aquarius Finances and Wealth 2020: Your year will begin on a positive note, where you will be able to add quite a lot of income through your partnership projects and alliances. Business expansion and new ventures will prove beneficial and will enhance your financial status. Extravagance should be curbed and focus should be put on initiating savings through safe investment plans, till June. During July-November you will be in a philosophical state of mind where detachment from materialistic things will set in and you will be more focused on career gains.

Pisces Finances and Wealth 2020: Jupiter is the lord of your 1st and 10th house and throughout the year it will be shifting between the house of career and house of gains. Thus, you will have ample opportunities to grow your finances, on one side and on the other hand it will demand caution from you while dealing in money matters. Nonetheless, any new venture that you may start in this year will prove beneficial and will help in ascending your career chart and income possibilities, in the long term. Any hastiness in money matters may backfire, thus, it is advised to think through all the possibilities, carefully. March to June will not be a very favorable period for your overall financial gains. From July onwards, your focus will be more on saving and wealth retention. Additional sources of income, such as freelancing or consulting opportunities could also surface, in this period.

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