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Gemini Horoscope 2020

Gemini moon sign natives will have a pretty good New Year journey with some challenges en-route, primarily brought about by Saturn. The planet Saturn will be transiting in your 8th house after 25th January 2020 and will continue in this position for the next 2.5 years. Thus, the year will demand certain precautions while taking up or handling crucial life matters.

Nevertheless, you will have exciting new opportunities on the professional front which will give you fresh perspectives, new hopes and possibilities for improvement in life. This will not be the year to rely on your luck, but trust your capabilities to derive desired results.

  • For students, this will be an average year but some good prospects, especially relating to overseas education may appear between March and July.
  • Health and debts will require more attention, as expenditure is expected to rise. Cautiousness in money matters is advised.
  • Family and marital relationships will be harmonious, but some challenges may arise in the latter half of the year.

Wealth prospects for Gemini Horoscope in 2020- Your finances will be more or less stable, throughout the year. Expenses may tend to increase in July-August, mostly on family, spouse or children. Speculations could otherwise be favorable but will not reap benefits in the month of July. The influence of Saturn on your houses of wealth and sudden gain will result in fluctuations in your financial status. The time period from May to September will be very crucial for your investment plans and expenditures, as some unexpected events may arise that would hinder the sustainability of your financial resources.

The months of March-May will offer you some good opportunities to add to your income and wealth and enhance your financial status. Try and make the most of this period, so that you have enough savings to suffice the not so favorable times.

Family, marriage and love life of Gemini Horoscope in 2020- Family relations will be cordial, as you will be able to resolve disputes with effective communication and enhanced wisdom. You will have a cool and composed mind for the most part of 2020, which will help you make necessary adjustments in your marital life to avoid any major disputes, through the year. For those who are unmarried and looking for good prospects, October-November may help fulfill your desire to tie the knot. Love relationships may convert to matrimonial alliances during January-February or November-December. If you are planning to expand your family, April-June will be a favorable period to do so. However, some medical attention will be required, during the course.

Health prospects of Gemini Horoscope in 2020- Your health will be good for most part of the year. Health of your father may need care during March-May. Some medical expenditure is foreseen during these months. The health of your spouse may decline a little during the mid of 2020. While you will not face any major health complication through the year, the months of November-December will require some added attention on personal health matters.

Overall, it will be a good period for your health, though, the health of your family members will require attention. It is suggested that as a family you should commit to some regular health regimes and take the help of yoga and meditation to stay healthy and fit.

Career prospects of Gemini Horoscope in 2020- Your hard work and perseverance is going to be the key to your success in the year 2020. Impulsive decisions need to be avoided and clear thought process should be maintained for better career gains. Business or work partnerships will prove beneficial for you in the year 2020. Freelancing opportunities are also expected to give good income gains or they can also be a source of additional income for you. The months of March-April will be particularly good for career growth and progression. You will be able get good income gains from your profession in this period.

Courageous attitude and risk taking abilities will give you beneficial outcomes in the months of April-May. Chances of promotion or business expansion is indicate in the latter half of the year. Your business acumen will be refined in the year 2020 and your intuitive abilities will help you take wise decisions to further your business in the right direction and get good returns from it.

Short distance travels will offer good career prospects. Guidance of elder siblings, seniors and managers in office will also help you in making the right career moves for professional success. The months of November and December will be less favorable for professional endeavors, so avoid taking any major decisions or signing any crucial business deals in this period.

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