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Leo Horoscope 2020

Some new found opportunities await the Leo moon sign natives, in the year 2020. You will have a practical approach towards life, which will be further strengthened by wisdom and sensibility. There will be certain unexpected events, during the year, which will try to derail you from reaching your objective, but your high energy levels and enthusiasm will help you deal with it, effectively.

September-October will be the best months for you, when destiny will favor your efforts. Spontaneity and intuitiveness may also pay off during this period, through some property-related gains. But, cautiousness is advised while investing or dealing in money or property-related matters.

  • For student, this year will open up new avenues of higher education and they will be able to move a step forward towards their education objectives.
  • In the year 2020, Saturn will be transiting in your 6th house, which will bless you with the company of your love partner, but this relationship will try to test your patience, so, keep your calm and composure, if you want to sustain it, in the long-term.

Wealth prospects for Leo Horoscope in 2020- The year will be fairly good for your wealth and financial status. A steady flow of income is foreseen, throughout the year. May-June will be the best months for wealth creation, hence, it is advised to make the best use of this period. Some unexpected gains are indicated, alongside some health and travelling related expenditure, during the initial few months.

Some friction in the relationship with your spouse is indicated, due financial matters. Disputes with business partners, over money management may also surface, during February. You will also need to exercise proper caution while investing in any business deal, during this month. Informed and safe investments made during this month will help in getting good returns and will be supported by destiny.

The month of April, will again demand vigilance and carefulness in wealth-related matters, as Mercury, which is lord of your wealth house, is going to debilitate, which might give you sudden wealth loss, primarily due to your extravagant behavior. Avoid taking or giving debts or any kind of loans, in this period. Rest of the year will bring good fortunes, in terms of wealth and finances and you will be able to enjoy a prosperous period.

Family, marriage and love life of Leo Horoscope in 2020- Family relations will be largely good throughout the year. Some unexpected problems are indicated, but you will be able to sort them out with wisdom and practical approach. The months of May-June will be the most favorable for initiating new love relationships. Any love relationship started in this period will be fruitful. While you establish new relations, some of your old alliances will become extinct. There are also chances of an old friendship turning into a new love relation. If you are already committed, this period will help you take your relationship to the next level.

March-April are not the good months to take marital initiatives. This period will also require great caution in matters of family and marital life. Any dispute that will arise in this period is not going to subside soon, so, be aware of not indulging in too much squabbles. Avoid conflicts during the latter part of the year, especially in October-November. Disputes over trivial issues may arise because of ego clashes, but do not let them hinder the pace of your family life. Try to deal with the misunderstandings on a mature level.

Children will require more attention particularly in the matters of higher education. January-February are the good months if you are planning to expand your family, but, medical attention will be required.

Health prospects of Leo Horoscope in 2020- You will mostly be in a good state of health, during the year. However, some chronic illness might set in during March-April, which will require medical attention. Body ache will be a common thing, throughout the year. So, follow a regular exercise regime and take the help of yoga and meditation to curb this problem.

During March-May, health of your family members will require added attention. You need to be careful about the health needs of your spouse, your father and your children, in this period. Your siblings may also require medical treatment, in these months.

Career prospects of Leo Horoscope in 2020- The year will begin one a positive note, as far as your professional life is concerned. Venus, which is the ruling planet of your 10th hose of career will be in its exaltation sign, during the beginning of the year 2020. This placement of Venus will give you favorable results in your career, in the form of appraisals and salary increments. Any sudden change in the workplace is also going to be very beneficial for you.

You will also get to earn pretty well from your profession, with this position of Venus in your house of career. You will have varied opportunities to generate income throughout the year, which could include freelancing, consulting and other such means of additional income. Business professionals will get a thrilling prospect from overseas, during the year. Digital business is going to be the most beneficial for you in the year 2020.

July will be a very fruitful month for attaining your professional objectives. Long travels undertaken in this month will give good gains from career. The months of May-June and September-October will be high on social gatherings and outings, which will benefit your professional endeavors, directly or indirectly. The period from July to August will witness monetary gains through new or old professional associations. The months of October and November will again give you some exciting career prospects. Explore these options with care and wisdom, for they can give you excellent and enduring returns.

The months of November-December will demand caution and extra efforts in your field of work. You will need to use your wisdom and intellect more than often to deal with critical career matters, during the latter half of the year.