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Love and Romance Horoscope 2020 for the 12 moon signs

Love and romance are an eternal part of life. All of us experiences Goosebumps when we are about to make a love proposal to somebody or when we receive it from someone. Every year brings hope of love and happiness and in the year 2020 also, you take a big leap of faith in the matters of heart, as Jupiter’s movement, in and out of the Capricorn and Aquarius signs, will bring about a variety of emotional experiences in your love life.

While life is not same for everybody, there are certain things which are common to all. We will explore these common grounds in your love life in the New Year, for all the 12 moon signs.

Aries Love Horoscope 2020: You will be a little confused in the matters of heart, during the beginning of the year. Post January your focus will shift towards your love life. You will be highly driven by emotions and would want to pursue a love alliance, but will be hesitant in taking the first step. This relationship can stem from business or work environment. The initial part of the year will be slow on action, but will be the right time to sow the seeds of a new relationship and wait for it to bear the fruits of love. Your patience and relentless efforts will finally pay off by the end of the year when you will make some progress on this relationship and your partner will also reciprocate your feelings.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2020: If you are into a relationship it will have mixed vibrations this year. Heated arguments with lover will be there during the beginning of the year. However, you will take initiatives to resolve your differences by spending quality time together, going out on parties, social gathering and planning for short vacations. During March-April physical relationships will be more vibrant and will offer a new feel to your love life. During the months of May-June some disturbances in love life are anticipated, as your focus will shift towards family and finance. Matters of heart will reignite as you will approach year-end.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2020: There will be an aura of confusion with respect to your love life, as you step into the New Year. There will be a lot of merrymaking but no stability in love relationships is foreseen. During February-May there will be an introduction of a new person in your life. You will feel at ease with this person and a friendship will start off soon. As you will proceed further, professional opportunities will take up most of your time and energies. However, dating and dinning will continue. During the latter part of the year, there is going to be an urge to settle down in your love life. Therefore, you will seek a more permanent and mature relationship, and love and romance opportunities will surface on a much deeper and stable level.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2020: Your emotional energies will touch upon varied degrees throughout the year. At the beginning of New Year your ego may cause disturbances in your love life. You will carry on with these dejected thoughts for the initial few months. Professional ventures may cause further diversions in your love life. Your partner will be more interested in getting your love life on track and thus they will take the first step to mend ways. By March-April a level of mutual understanding will set in. There are also chances of starting a new relationship during this period. As you proceed, the month of May will witness your old relationship turning dormant and the new one taking shape. Post July, the new relationship will further strengthen, developing into a more sturdy and fruitful alliance.

Leo Love Horoscope 2020: You will be more family-oriented during the beginning of the year. Parties and social gathering with your spouse or lover will be a common thing. Your flirtatious side will be more prominent with focus on physical pleasure. For the initial 3-4 months it will all be about carnal relationships. By mid-year, you will turn more career-oriented which will cause friction in your love life. This will create distance between you and your love partner and they may go on to start a new relationship. However, this will be just a temporary phase and post July you will initiate revival of this relationship. October will again be a little dormant on the love front but as you approach year-end, your relationship will be back on the right trajectory, with oodles of love and romance.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2020: This year will be high on love and romance and you will start on a positive note where new relationships can be formed. This new relationship may stem from professional front and you may want to keep it concealed. Those who are already in a committed relationship will experience a high rush of romance. But an inclination towards physical gratification may lead you into a new love alliance. This may cause havoc in your existing love relationship. By the mid of the year you will be in for a break-up, which will be pretty disturbing for you and your partner. From here on, it will be about bringing some balance in your distressed love life. Parties and social gatherings will keep you distracted and things will seem to improve by year-end.

Libra Love Horoscope 2020: If you are single but on a lookout for a partner, the initial few months of the New Year will not help you in finding love. Post March a new relationship may start off. By April-June you will be high on romance. Physical compatibility will be more important than emotions, during this period. Frequent flirtatious relationships will be common. True affection and love will bloom as you proceed through the middle of the year. Latter half of the year will bring in more stability in love life where you will able to think through possibilities of settling down or starting a serious relationship with permanency in mind.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2020: The year is marked with multiple love encounters for you. Initially you will not even have the urge to be involved in any sort of love relationship. But as the year will progress you will be inclined towards some physical relations, which will be largely devoid of emotions. During the middle part of the year you may begin a more serious relationship, but ego clashes and misunderstandings will soon erupt. Therefore, this will not be able to blossom further. Latter half of the year will again be marked with new relationships or enhancement of the old one. Both physical intimacy and emotional vibrancy will be there, during this part of the year.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2020: Year 2020 will be marked with a lot of ups and downs in your love life, due to the placement of numerous planets in your ascendant house. If you are already into a relationship love, you will be more physically inclined. Your emotions and thoughts will stabilize by mid-year. However, your partner will not be very cooperative and this may lead to heated arguments, which could even reflect on your physical compatibility. During the second half the year 2020, you will try to sort out your differences and take a strong initiative to get things straight. You will try to spend quality time with your partner and physical relationships will be active. You will be able to take into consideration the feelings of your partner and will thus be able to culminate your relationship into a beautiful one.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2020: Your year will start with more focus on physical pleasures. Expressions of love will not be there but care and concern towards the feelings of your partner will be present. However, this care will not be evident, which will lead to disturbance in your love life. During the beginning of the year, Saturn will be moving into your ascendant house, delaying or curbing your initiatives towards your partner. But you will diligently attend to the personal needs of your partner. Physical relationships will be gentle. Latter half of the year, will offer you wisdom to deal with your love life on a mature level, as Jupiter will join Saturn in your ascendant house. You will find the opportunities to spend some quality time with your partner, which will help in sorting out differences and giving your relationship a boost.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2020: Lot of emotions will be displayed in the first half of the year, which will make you a bit confused about your love life. Physical dominance will be prominent and emotions will be less. You will be slow in voicing your sentiments, but once your thoughts are settled, you will be thoroughly committed. If you are already into a relationship, there are chances of a big misunderstanding derailing your love life. By Mid-year expenditure will be incurred in making this relationships work, so you will plan for outings, movies and vacation with your partner. The year will culminate on a positive note with sturdiness in your love relationship.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2020: You need to be quite sure and reasonable, during the first half of the year, before starting a new relationship. Less of emotional bonding will be there and thus, short term relationships are more visible. More action on professional front will cause rift in love life, since your partner will demand more attention. Things will calm down by mid-year, when you will be able to spend some quality time with your partner. There could be a delay or disregard to certain promises that you must have made to your partners which will make them unhappy. However, as Jupiter and Saturn will move into your 11th house of relationships and desires by year-end, you will be able to put your love life back on track and things will be resolved with mutual understanding.

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