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Pisces Horoscope 2020

You will reap the results of your past karmas and current efforts in the year 2020. It will be an action-packed year for Pisces moon sign natives. This year will favor your new ventures and initiatives in both personal and professional life. You will be supported by your family, friends and colleagues in your endeavors, throughout the year. You will be surrounded by a positive aura this year, but negativity might set in during the middle of the year. Try to stay away from these adverse thoughts and incline yourself toward some charity work or religious activities to attain peace and optimism.

  • You will have stable finances this year, where income and expenditure will go hand-in-hand. Lessons learned in the past will help you trade wisely and your efforts will pay you well, throughout the year.
  • A sense of satisfaction will prevail in your family, marriage and love life, during the year. Certain misunderstandings are indicated but they will be short-lived and will not be of much concern.
  • Overall success is ensured in professional endeavors. Both service and business professional will do pretty well this year. Name, fame, status, money will be in abundance through your field of work.

Wealth prospects for Libra Horoscope in 2020- You will earn well through sheer hard work throughout the year. However, you will also need to keep a check on your expenditure, during the year, especially in February and March. Efforts will be more but they will help in stabilizing your finances. You can expect a steady and continuous flow of income in the April-June period. Wealth generation through long travels is also indicated, particularly during June-October.

September-October demand some scrutiny on finances as you will tend to become extravagant. You need to control your expenditure during this phase. Impulsiveness should be avoided while dealing with financial prospects. Any uninformed or hasty decisions may lead you to losses. So, curb any instinct of immediate gratification as Saturn’s presence will ask you to trade with patience and firmness, during the year 2020.

Family, marriage and love life of Pisces Horoscope in the year 2020- This year will be positive for your family and love life, as Jupiter will have an aspect on your 2nd house of family at the start of the year, which is an auspicious sign that is set to bring harmony in your family. You will get the support of your family members, through the year. Some sudden disputes over inconsequential matters may crop up, but you will be able to sort them out with wisdom and diplomacy.

April-June, will be highly favorable for strengthening the family bond. If you are married and planning a family, the months of May-June will be favorable. If there is any family dispute that might be running on for years, it will be sorted out this year.

For those who are planning to get married, this will not be the year for you. You might receive marriage proposals during the mid of this year but none will culminate into marriage. Your love life will be stable but the passion could be missing. September onwards you will regain the intensity of love and affection in your relationship, in fact you will be fun and flirtatious around this time and your spouse or love partner will be more than happy to embrace your changed behavior.

Health predictions for Pisces Horoscope for the year 2020- You will have a good health, throughout the year, with minor heal problems, in between some months. Few initial months of the year will require slight attention towards health. You will be quite health conscious this year and are likely to commit to a fitness regime. It will be good if you can keep a check on your dietary habits. You will be quite driven to achieve a lot of things this year, but do not take up more than what you can handle, else it might aggravate your stress levels. Take proper rest and go on a small vacation to rejuvenate and reenergize.

During March-May, your father’s health will need care. It will not be a very severe condition, but still don’t hesitate in taking medical treatment to prevent any major complications.

Career predictions for Pisces Horoscope for the year 2020- The year 2020 looks beneficial for your career prospects. Slow and steady moves in career will be supported by destiny and hard work will be the key to succeed, this year. You will need to sustain this momentum throughout the year to ensure growth in career. You will have the power and courage to win over your competitors and excel in your field of work.

For business professionals this is going to be busy yet fulfilling year, as you will get some really exciting opportunities to grow your venture. If you are planning to turn entrepreneur this will be the right time for you, as your stars will favor your professional initiatives to guarantee you success.

The months of February-March will give you gains from another source of income, besides your profession. So, there are chances of earning through freelancing, speculations or even inheritance. Any foreign connection made during this year will yield good results. Long travel opportunities to foreign locations should not be missed as they may open new doors to take your business to new heights or even give you professional gains through promotions or job change.

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