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Virgo Horoscope 2020

Virgo moon sign natives will have a reasonably good New Year. Ruled by Mercury, you will be able to cash on your excellent communication skills, wit and intelligence during the year. You will be calculative and analytical in your approach towards life and your eloquence will help you get through some of the tough situations with élan, during the year 2020.

Some ups and downs are indicated throughout the year, but good times will be more, where you will be able to enhance your career, family, love and personal life to the optimum. November-December will require more efforts but gains will not be at par.

  • Your calculated attitude and courage will help you in achieving your professional ambitions throughout the year. This will be the time to think afresh and start something new.
  • Spending quality time with family will help strengthen your bond. Love and marital life will be filled with affection and mutual respect. Some disputes over frivolous matters are indicated but will be sorted out easily.
  • A check on finances is required, during the year. Though you will have good financial stability but efforts will be requited in maintaining it, in the long term.

Wealth prospects for Virgo Horoscope in 2020- You will have good financial stability, this year. Most of the income that you will generate this year will come through your hard work and efforts. While earnings will be good you need to work towards maintaining the pace of income throughout the year. Financial gains through professional endeavors are foreseen in April-May. You could also travel abroad in this period and it will be beneficial for income growth. Income through a new or additional source of income is also indicated, during the year. March-May can have some expenditure over property or vehicle or some luxurious item for family. You could also accumulate wealth through inheritance, in this period.

You may need to put in a lot of efforts, at times, due to your indecisiveness over crucial money matters, particularly in the months of June-July. This is going to be an average period for your financial gains, so you will need to be more attentive and spirited, during these months, to identify and leverage the best possible opportunities. July-September will give you good possibilities of gains from short travels within the country. Overall, the year 2020 will demand intelligence, acumen and efforts from you to give you appropriate financial gains.

Family, marriage and love life of Virgo Horoscope in 2020- Love and affection will be quite visible in your family and love relations, during the year 2020. Jupiter will be placed in your 4th house for the larger part of the year. This placement of Jupiter is considered favorable for harmony and happiness on the domestic front. Children will need care and concern. Try and spend quality time with your children to understand their needs and strengthen your bond. Deal with them with patience and not with aggression. Vacations with spouse and children are also indicated. You may also go on religious journey with your family, this year.

You might go on to purchase some items of comfort or luxury for your family during the initial few months of the year. February is a good month for married couples and also for those who plan to get married this year. March will be a mixed bag, where some delays or hurdles are indicated. So, do not plan or initiate anything new this period, just go with the flow and let it pass.

Some contradictious and arguments are anticipated in the months of March-May, however, it will not last long. There will be an aura of love, throughout the year, which will help you sail through these monetary challenges with ease.

Health prospects of Virgo Horoscope in 2020- The year 2020 will not start on a very good note, as far as your health is concerned. However, post that it will be a pretty fine period for your health and well-being. During January, your health will be affected due to affliction of your ascendant house because of certain planetary placements. So, a check on health is required and immediate medical attention is advised. February will be as crucial month for your father’s health, it may require added care and attention. March-May can witness a decline in your spouse’s health. Stress related issues will be the primary reason for health disorders, in this period. Yoga, meditation and exercising can help you and your family in staying fit.

Post the initial phase, no major personal or family health complications are indicated, expect for small period post August, where some caution is recommended while travelling.

Career prospects of Virgo Horoscope in 2020- You will have good career prospects throughout the year. Rahu will be placed in your 10th house of career, for most part of the year, which will favor your professional endeavors. Increments, promotion, job change possibilities are immense, throughout the year. Recognition and rewards will be bestowed upon you for your hard work and sincerity in your field of profession. You will also earn well from your career, during the year. You will get the desired support of your seniors, colleagues and subordinates and they will motivate you to achieve your career objectives.

Some opportunities might turn up from abroad but will not take shape due to your indecisiveness. March will require more efforts towards career. Sudden overseas opportunity might turn up in the month of May, which will give you good benefits, so be alert and attentive to gauge and leverage these prospects. Good business gains are indicated post March. July-September will again be fruitful for professional growth. August will be a good month to look for job change, or start a new venture or look out for better career opportunities. This period will also require frequent travels, but caution is advised while travelling.

While luck is going to favor you in your professional journey, the results will not be instant. Patience and perseverance will be the key to reap the benefits and attain success in the long term. Don’t rush into anything – be it making a new business plan, expanding your venture or jumping on to a new opportunity. All of it is possible in this year but it will happen in due course of time.