2022 Love & Marriage Destiny Report

Love like profession is equally important in life which creates harmony and balance in life. With the starting of 2022 curiosity do come in mind whether chances of marriage are there or will the time will go in vain as like previous year. Whether 2022 can bring in fortunes and better luck in regards to marriage or waiting list will be much longer. These kinds of questions will come up this year too. Jupiter will be moving to its own sign in 2022 for few months that can bring joy for which Jupiter is beneficial in the chart. 2022 will be bringing new rays of hope for natives regarding their love life and opportunities for marriage might be coming this year through their social life or through love marriages.

With that perspective in mind, we had come up with Love Horoscope 2022 which will cover following points:-

  • Love overview which will guide condition and potential of love/marital life by looking out birth chart, condition of Venus and D9 chart which is the chart to look for marital life.
  • Any chances of getting married in 2022
  • If chances are there whether it is love or arranged marriage
  • Which might be the lucky period in which chances of marriage might be there?
  • Which is the time periods that might be bad for love life?
  • What are the suggestions that can bring harmony in love life?
  • Condition of Venus in the birth chart which is the karaka of love life.
  • Obstructions that might be delaying marital life
  • Planets that might be putting pressures in love life
  • Good planets that can bring marital happiness
  • Planets that had to be pacified for reducing obstructions in the marriage
  • Analysis of D9 chart which is the chart that give clues regarding marital life
  • Remedies that can bring happiness in marital life
  • Gemstones favourable for better marital life
    Astrology pooja that can reduce malefic effects in regards to marital life

2022 Love & Marriage Destiny Report

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