Astrology Puja Recommendation Report

Astrology puja comes under astrology remedy section and is generally prescribe for functional malefic planets in order to pacify them or if there are specific obstructions that are coming in the specific area of life which can only be prescribed by looking our birth chart. By astrology, positive vibes start to come in which reduces obstructions in our life. With that, we had come up with astrology puja recommendation report.

This report will cover up:

  • Which Puja will best suit you as according to your birth chart?
  • Answers to your 3 queries will also be answered in report itself.

From astrology perspective, there are different puja for different problems which will help to reduce problems in life. For ex- Pitra Dosa Kaal Sarp dosha Guru Chandal and so on and so forth for reducing obstructions in life which can be prescribed by looking birth chart. You can also take this report to know which astrology puja suits you most for your betterment.

Astrology Puja Recommendation Report

USD 20 / Rs. 1500

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