Birth Time Selection – C Section

What is Birth Time Selection?

With the advancement in medical procedures, parents have an option to plan the delivery and choose a day and time of the birth of their child several weeks in advance. Birth Time Selection is an exclusive service on that lets you know the most auspicious date and time of the birth of your child out of the options given by your doctor. If your baby is born on a lucky date and time, it would be beneficial for the baby and also the family.

How this report is prepared?

Our expert Vedic astrologer will first prepare the birth charts of both the parents using their date, time and place of birth, and after that look into the houses that govern pregnancy, child birth and family growth. After analyzing specific planetary positions and combinations, you would be provided the best time of birth of your child that will be auspicious for the child as well as the family in terms of general luck, prosperity, fortune, domestic harmony, good health, etc.

How to go about it?

To use this service, simply fill up the Birth Time Selection form and provide the date, time and place of the expecting parents as well as a few other details like the time band given by your doctor. And we will get back to you very soon with the right birth time of your child.

Helpful Tips: We can help you with selecting auspicious timing of your baby’s birth under this service. This helps ward off negative energies in the life of the new born and help create a better fortune.

Birth Time Selection – C Section

USD 59 / Rs. 3540

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