Dasa Interpretation Reading 2022

About Dasa Interpretation Report:

The dynamics of a birth chart undergo a major change when a new Dasa commences. Dasa System is exclusive to Vedic Astrology. It is the most amazing tool to time the events of life. Let us first briefly understand the significance of Dasa and their major – minor periods. Dasa is a change agent that brings about the transformations in our life, whether for good or for bad. In astrological term, we call them major-minor period or Dasa.

With the change of time, life is said to change majorly, as you may be headed for transformations and sudden events as and when a new Dasa commences in your birth chart.

Dasa Interpretation report will capture the results of Dasa changes for you in 2022 and beyond.

How this report benefits you?

If your life shows new events, trends, and patterns, a Dasa change is surely behind it. As the new Dasa commences, it brings about fresh trends in life.

For instance, if Sun – Jupiter Dasa commences over the next few months for you, it will be a steady period where you will find an opportunity in the most average and mundane events and be able to make progress. Whereas Rahu-Ketu Dasa could bring about very sudden transformations in career and health.

Dasa Interpretation Reading 2022

USD 59 / Rs. 3540

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