Gemstone Recommendation Report

Gemstones are minerals that give cosmic powers to the weaker planet in the long birth chart such that the planet can gain strength and will be beneficial for us to gain happiness in life. Often, it is seen that we wear wrong gemstones and because of that instead of good results, bad results come in life and thus that is why there is stronger need to wear correct gemstone such that positive results can come in life. With that perspective in mind, we had come up with gemstone astrology report for you.

Astrologically at times, we wear gemstone of our Moon sign lord which is totally wrong as it can happen that Moon sign lord planet is functional malefic planet and thus by wearing gemstone of functional malefic planet will bring problems but with gemstone astrology report, correct gemstone can be worn such that obstructions can be reduced in life.

This report will cover up:

  • Favourable gemstones to wear such that positivity can come in life
  • When to wear gemstone for better results as each gemstone have a particular day for wearing which will be specified in the report itself.
  • How to wear gemstones such that gemstone can give good results will be prescribed in the report.
  • In which ring to wear gemstone such that gemstone can give maximum effect.
  • How much carat to wear the gemstone for better results.
  • Which mantra to recite before wearing gemstone will be told in the report.
  • Which gemstones to avoid such that good results can come on proper note.
  • Benefit results of gemstone which can bring improvement in life will be told in the report.

Gemstone Recommendation Report

USD 13 / Rs. 999

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