Kundali Matching Report

Horoscope is a must for better marital happiness. In order to match two horoscopes, correct birth details of the bride and groom are required such that various points can be matched in order to judge marital level between two. With that perspective in mind, we had come up with horoscope matching report such that beforehand, we can come to know whether that match will be good for marital happiness or not.

This report will cover up:

  • Ashtkoot guna: These are traditional astrology matching points that had to be looked to gauge level of marital happiness.
  • Condition of 5th and 7th house: 5th house is the house of love life and 7th house is the house of These houses had to be looked as well for horoscope matching between bride and groom.
  • Condition of Jupiter and Jupiter and Venus are natural Karak of marriage matters and condition of both these planets had to be checked in the horoscope to know marital happiness.
  • Condition of D9 chart: This is a very important chart which most of the astrologers ignored. Without analysis of D9 marital happiness cannot be predicted and thus this chart will be given equal importance in the report to judge marital happiness.
  • Manglik Dosa: This dosha is very dreaded dosha in India and just because of this Dosha , marriage proposals are rejected in India but other points had to be considered above to judge whether marriage is acceptable or not.
  • Child happiness: This point will cover whether is there any obstructions in getting child happiness
  • Remedies: In this section, remedies for marital bonding will be given such that to bring happiness in life.
  • Gemstone: In this section, gemstones will be prescribed for better marital happiness
  • Astrology pooja: In this section, astrology pooja will be recommended for better marital happiness.
  • Conclusion: In horoscope compatibility this points will be covered up and lastly on the basis of this conclusion is given whether the match is acceptable or not.

Kundali Matching Report

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