Astro Dasha Reading

Astrology dosha does create problems in life and bring obstructions in, luck family Without doing good deeds and astrology obstructions will remain in life and we will are not able to get the solution to bring success in life. With that perspective in we had come up with astrology dosha report such that to know which astrology dosha is creating problems in life and follow astrology remedies to bring smoothness in life.

There is karmic theory in astrology that means “what we had sowed had to be reaped “ and negative results will come and what had to happen will happen but with astrology remedies, intensity of astrology dosha can be reduced such that positivity can come in life.

This report will cover up:

If there is any bad dosha like:

  • Pitra dosha
  • Kaal Sarp dosha
  • Grahan dosha
  • Shrapit dosha
  • Matru dosha

If there is any then remedies will be given such that the intensity of bad results can be reduced.

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