Child Horoscope Report

Main concern of parent is about child health, marriage and its career. With the progress of time, the child lacks concentration in education or unfortunately health might go down or at marrying age, marital proposals do not come or child does not get a job at working age.

With that perspective in mind, we had come up with child astrology report for you.

A child might face problems due to the following reasons as according to astrology and that is:-

  • Ascendant lord is weaker which might be reason for bad health
  • Astrology dosha might be present in childbirth chart which might be pulling pressures in child life
  • 2nd, 4th, 5th house which stands for initial and higher education might be weaker in the chart.
  • 7th house and D9 chart is weaker which signifies marriage
  • 10th house and D10 chart is weaker which signifies career

This report will cover up:-

  • Answers in relation to your child will be given in which a maximum of 3 queries can be asked in relation to your child.
  • Education prospects of your child. In this section, an overview of education area will be given and probable education areas will be listed which might be good for child career in the longer run as education is the base for making stronger career.
  • Financial aspect of your children. In this section, investment areas which are good for financial success will be given in the report. Fields that can give better financial success will be given such that investing money in those instruments can give strength to financial life.
  • Career aspect of your children. In this section, career overview will be given in which advices are listed to get improvement in career matters.
  • Health aspect of your children: In this section, probable health diseases that can come will be predicted such that actions plan can be created before hand to handle health problems.
  • Remedies will also be given that had to be followed by parents on child, if child age is smaller else child can do on his/her behalf as well.
  • Gemstone will be listed which will be good for your child.
  • Astrology Pooja will be recommended which will be good for child happiness as pooja will be helpful to reduce bad planet effects.

With the help of child astrology report, parents can take path such that child can have better growth.

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