Child Progeny Report

At child birth problems come in life which gives harder time to whole Family happiness cannot come without At even after taking medical child happiness do not come which give quite frustrating and sad With that perspective in we had come up with child progeny report for you.

There can be many factors that are acting as obstructions in childbirth and that:

  • Ascendant lord is weaker
  • 5th house of chart is weaker
  • D7 chart is weaker

This report will cover

Probable time for childbirth and this report require correct birth details of husband and wife, however there is one thing to note that there should be the possibility of progeny in birth chart for child  If there is no possibility of the child then answer will be in no. If chances are there but are then astrology remedies will be provided such that chances can be strengthened.

By child progeny astrology remedies will be given in report such that weaker chances of childbirth can be strengthened and positivity can come in life.

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