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Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022 – 2022 Career Horoscope

For a successful career, it is very important to refresh your career blueprint every year so you can take the right steps. However, your career strategy may not always work in the wake of unexpected circumstances that may demand spontaneous actions, be it a sudden sacking or an unwanted transfer.

To make sure that you have a successful year in 2022, the best you can do is to familiarize yourself with the cosmic movements and their probable impact. Some major planets would be moving sign this year and the rare conjunctions and yogas would also throw some unique challenges and opportunities your way. Being in the know of these upcoming possibilities would help you stay equipped on the career front and make the best decisions possible. Below is a Moon sign based analysis of the career mistakes that you should avoid.

Aries Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Aries, there is a strong need to be a little more sincere towards your work this year. And when possible, mind your own business. Sticking your nose in what others are up to may not help much at work. It is also important that you become more enthusiastic about embracing the opportunities that the cosmic trends may bring. Relationship with colleague also demands attention and being patient and calm would likely help you a lot in this regard.

Taurus Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Taurus, you may be going a bit off track in terms of career. This is the time to bring back some discipline in life and work harder to avoid being defocused. It may also help you a lot to restrain your actions. Do not cross your limits at the workplace. And wherever possible, use you natural sense of practicality. Downplaying or cheating someone could backfire.

Gemini Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: The period after 11th October 2022 is great for career progress. However, remove your rose colored glasses and face the reality. Take charge of the situations before things run out of control. Rather than blaming others, look into the numbers and fix the downward graphs before it’s too late. 2022 would be the time to handle matters in a practical way.

Cancer Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Cancer, there would be a lot of promising opportunities this year until 11th October but don’t get impatient. Avoid being moody at work and keep your temper in control. This year, your anger could become your biggest foe. Also, avoid letting your ego take charge of your actions and behave responsibly.

Leo Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Leo, learn to be a bit more flexible and compromising at the workplace. A stubborn attitude would get you nowhere. Do not delay work either. Lethargy is best kept at bay. You may also get jealous of someone at work, which could take away your peace and sleeps. But being short-tempered is not the answer, hard work is.

Virgo Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Saturn may not let you enjoy favorable results in career. There would be delay and dejections but don’t get nervous or impatient. As long as you maintain consistency and work relentlessly, positive returns would follow. Don’t let your restlessness affect your decision-making ability. Otherwise, you may end up making the wrong moves.

Libra Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Jupiter transit to Scorpio after 11th October would bring more luck and success in career matters. You may however trigger some heated conversations at work. Remember that what issues arise at work should be tactfully resolved. Control your unpredictable temper at work. And whenever possible, maintain an optimistic outlook.

Scorpio Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: You could be sometimes too arrogant and self-centered. It might be a good idea to shed your garb and learn to work within the team. Being inflexible and rigid could take away growth opportunities that you otherwise deserve. You naturally strive to work independently without taking instructions from the bosses, but a fixated view and lack of cordiality would only block prospects. Networking is the key.

Sagittarius Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Sagittarius, expect some hurdles in career as you are under strong influence of Saturn and Ketu. You may have some difficulty in expressing yourself and you may also become too harsh and straightforward at times. This tendency is best avoided this year to enjoy more fruitful results of your efforts. And more than anything, learn to have patience.

Capricorn Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Capricorn, your decision-making ability would improve but you may take a lot of time in making choices. Whenever possible, think for everyone involved and not just yourself. You also have tendency to get even which may trigger issues at times. It might be a good idea to keep your personal and professional interests apart.

Aquarius Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Aquarius, you would observe mixed trends in career. People may think twice before trusting you, which means that you should make efforts to build better rapports.

Pisces Career Mistakes to avoid in 2022: Pisces, career front looks average this year as you would get mixed results of your efforts. There is a chance that you may promise more than what you can deliver. Not meeting deadlines on time could be off-putting to the management. You also seem a bit vulnerable to deception and being fooled, so be careful. Try to be more tactful and cautious in career matters.