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Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius & Aquarius compatibility: The Celestial Dilemma!

Aquarius – Aquarius love match is hard to comprehend & delightful to study! While Aquarius stands as a sign of breaking free from bonds or commitments, this tendency itself is what can keep two Aquarius natives together. The two partners can understand each other’s needs perfectly without imposing their possession or rules. While their hearts may lack an emotional connect, physically & mentally they are very comfortable with each other & might choose to stay like this forever.

Love Compatibility: 4/10

Aquarius is not a very emotional sign, though they know how to respect other’s feelings. When an Aquarius duo happens to be, the partners do not seek to love or to be loved. They share their feelings & respect each other’s opinions. This is love at the purest form. They do not expect to be pampered all the day, yet will care for each other when need arises, & let each other free for all experiments & ventures. This freedom in relationship is what truly binds them. Love compatibility is low & insignificant for both partners.

Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

With freedom & respect as the foundations of this relationship, lies & deceit never find a place to exist. Aquarius Man can openly confess how he was spending time hanging out with friends or flirting with the girls, while Aquarius Woman would accompany her man & still look around at men, commenting on their physical appearances! This limitless bond offers the two an eternal freedom to act & think. Thus, they can trust each other blindly & yet stay together.

Communication Compatibility: 7.5/10

Aquarius is strong sign intellectually. This can sometimes bring trouble along the way. While talking continuously for hours is no big deal for this love match, the moment their egos are sparked, a sudden silence can be expected. Aquarius is usually not very aggressive. If they get angry, they would rather choose to remain silent. Dead silent! All communication channels are burnt down, all doors are shut, & reaching them would then be impossible! Communication compatibility otherwise, is very good.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 5/10

A sexual relationship between two Aquarius natives is a perfect scenario for one-night stands! Both partners seek freedom & sexual experiments. Pleasure is more important than emotions for them. But in a relationship, intimacy may lack the passionate approach, as the two partners avoid bonding emotionally. For them, sexual intimacy would be more about personal satisfaction. Thus, overall satisfaction might remain lower & sexual compatibility only average.

Mental compatibility: 8/10

Aquarius is a sign of freedom & honesty. Yet what it seeks is the truth behind their existence. This journey takes every individual on a unique path of exploration. Thus, both partners have their own experiences & value their own intellect more. This can make it hard for two partners of the same sign to connect on a mental level. They may share their thoughts & feelings openly, yet to accept that the other is correct or better in any way, is not an Aquarius’ cup of tea!

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