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Aquarius Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility: Not a Friendly Neighborhood!

Aquarius and Pisces love match is not a very comfortable place to be at. The two neighboring signs show similar mutable traits, yet are very different personalities, & can face a lot of difficulty adjusting with each other. Pisces seeks emotional dependency while Aquarius wants emotional freedom. Acting in opposite directions, their instincts end up pulling them apart. Compatibility levels are low.

Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Pisces is bound by the need of sharing their emotions with their partner. They have an overflowing sense of feelings that is always searching for a dependable container – a partner. Aquarius on the contrary, neither feels the need nor is inclined to connect with someone emotionally. They feel self-sufficient & experiment with various feelings rather than holding on to just love. The two have opposing expectations & thus, love remains missing.

Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Trust for this love match is put on a swing that swings between extremes all day long! One moment can see them trusting each other with their own lives, while on the other they would not want to share even a useless piece of information out of doubts! Pisces & Aquarius have changeable natures, which is triggered particularly in each other’s presence. Their priorities & preferences change every minute & so does their trust towards each other. Thus, trust compatibility is right at the center of the scale!

Communication Compatibility: 3.5/10

The dreamers of the zodiac dream against each other! While Pisces lives in a fantastical world, full of sadness & emotions, Aquarius is daydreaming about finding the eternal truth of the universe, acting against logic & emotions. They may manage to begin a conversation based on an interesting topic or dream, but midway through the chat, either of the partners would be bored & jump out to some other topic. Communication compatibility remains low, leading to poor mutual understanding.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 5/10

A sexual relationship between Aquarius & Pisces has two very different sides that show two stories being played at the same time in bed. Pisces brings their dire emotions & floods the act with an unstable flow of feelings as an attempt to connect with their partner at an emotional level. Aquarius, meanwhile, casually gets in bed, completely pushes the emotions aside, & concentrates on self-satisfaction & creative experiments, which can be a big turn off for Pisces. Both partners feel lost somewhere in time, leading to bad satisfaction levels. Intimacy compatibility remains average.

Mental compatibility: 5/10

Aquarius & Pisces both seek freedom to dream. However, the different domains of dreams are what try to pull them away. Pisces wants to be in a fairy tale that is run by love & the two partners live happily ever after. Aquarius dreams of a perfect world where truth & compassion prevail, but love is exactly a necessity. They can understand each other easily, yet adjusting & changing as per the other’s needs is not possible for both of them.

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