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Aries Aquarius Compatibility

Aries-Aquarius compatibility: The Unseen Passage!

This love match is a tough pick and will test the patience of both partners. This match lacks emotions and the general feelings of love & tenderness. Both partners will at some time, feel the need to vent out due the utter confusion that reigns in this relationship. Though the involvement of Aquarius in a relationship always adds an element of unpredictability, the success for this match will require nothing short of a miracle.

Love Compatibility: 4/10

It takes a great deal of patience for a partner to bring out the emotions from within an Aquarius. Aries is definitely not one of the more patient signs & this creates a gap in this relation. Aries will impatiently let their emotions out in front of their partner, but when they start expecting Aquarius to reciprocate, it is utter chaos. This is so because Aquarius is already expressing all their emotions in front of their partner, if only one could truly understand what they mean.

Trust Compatibility: 8.5/10

Trust is an important issue for Aries and Aquarius can understand that. While Aries prefers to be the sole partner in a relationship, Aquarius likes to experiment with as many options as possible. Though Aquarius would respect the need of Aries for trust & inform them about any indiscretions, Aries being a fire sign is bound to get angry & possessive towards their partner. Though the ends of trust remain open in this match, the stability of this relationship due to the openness is bound to suffer.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

These two signs often indulge in very interesting discussions while communicating. Aries has a fixed set of boundaries, which are often shaken by the open-minded Aquarius. This exchange of thoughts is readily accepted by both signs & they take it as a sign of greater learnings. They always seek to learn from each other. However, Aquarius can pull a leg of Aries at times. Aries should make sure not to take things personally & understand that it is all in good humor.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6.5/10

Sexual relationship between Aries & Aquarius is a crazy ride that swings from being extremely satisfying to terrifying. Lack of emotions is eminent. As such, the gap has to be filled with creative ideas & experiments. In the initial stages, these ideas immediately spark passion between the two, but gradually once the ideas fade away, things get boring and the two begin to lose interest. This gap can then never be filled, leaving a permanent scar.

Mental compatibility: 3/10

Aries has a fixed set of boundaries in their lives. Aquarius on the contrary, like to go with the flow & give a new definition to the word Freedom every single day. On a mental level, the two value freedom differently. While Aries wants their partner to be as per their requirement, Aquarius neither restricts their partner nor allows himself or herself to be restricted by anyone. With both partners unwilling to change their basic instincts, conflicts are always at hand.

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