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Aries Cancer Compatibility

Aries & Cancer compatibility: A Heartache with a headache!

This love match can be a tough terrain for both partners. It is not a very comfortable pair & a lot of hard work will have to be put in. Constant differences can crop up. However, if the two can manage to pull this through, the high intensity of passion & love in this relationship can make the two lovers almost addicted to each other & they may not feel satisfied with anyone else.

ARIES & CANCER Love Compatibility: 7/10

Aries and Cancer are both very emotional signs. Aries is warm & passionate, but maintains strict emotional boundaries, as they fear their sensitivity makes them vulnerable. Cancer wears their heart on their sleeves & shows exactly how they feel. Though these approaches seem different, the mutual understanding, love, & respect for their partner’s feelings remain high here. Difficulties arise when accepting their own feelings while dealing with partner’s personality they do not truly understand.

ARIES & CANCER Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Aries believes in connecting through physical bonding whereas Cancer lays emphasis on gentle signs of care. While an Aries Man can be pushy when it comes to sex, a Cancer woman may feel violated. And Cancer Man can talk about love for hours without a touch, which can bore an Aries Woman. The different expectations in expression of love often make them question their partner’s fidelity, thus resulting in low trust compatibility for this match.

ARIES & CANCER Communication Compatibility: 2/10

The ruling planets, Mars & Moon, are completely of opposite natures. While Mars is full of energy, Moon is the symbol of emotions. Likewise, Aries is all about actions & Cancer is much gentle. These two signs barely have any common interests to talk about, & their impulsive natures don’t allow for a sober conversation without interrupting their partner while speaking. The only suitable interaction that can take place is physical, though both approach sex differently too.

ARIES & CANCER Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 7/10

For Cancer, sexual relation develops only through care & meaningful emotions. On the other hand, Aries considers a sexual bonding an implied part of a relationship. Aries can get hasty & aggressive about intimacy whereas a Cancer needs to be sure that the relation has reached a suitable stability before sex becomes a part of it. This is where Aries needs to be more accommodating. Once they reach a mutual harmony over this debate, they can truly experience a blissful physical compatibility.

ARIES & CANCER Mental compatibility: 4/10

Mentally, Aries & Cancer are literally planets apart! Aries gives importance to physical energy & level of focus, while Cancer values emotional stability & expression of care. Their way of expressing their thoughts also varies accordingly in life. Though they both understand that a greater balance of thoughts is needed for a successful love match, together they usually fail to achieve that balance due to different mentalities.

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