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Aries Capricorn Compatibility

Aries and Capricorn compatibility: A Destructive Alliance!

To say that this is not an easy relationship, is an understatement. Both the partners lack the tact to ignore their partner’s flaws. This love match is more like a race to decide who ends the relation first & in a more efficient way! Of course, no one wins when a relationship loses. Yet, they hold a chance to succeed as a compatible match if only they can respect each other boundlessly & broaden their minds to accept each other just the way they are.

ARIES & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

This is a tricky terrain for this love match. Though the love quotient is high from both sides, the problem is its perception. Both Aries & Capricorn hold high hopes & expectations from their partners. Yet, none of them is willing to change or adjust as per their partners. Both hold unique & unreal expectations from their partners, which neither can be realized, nor are any adjustments possible. Both signs are too stubborn to accumulate personality changes, which leaves little scope for emotions & love to work their charm.

Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

This is a match of the extremes. Both Aries & Capricorn move impulsively & both value honesty greatly. As such, a blind faith is usually formed where they trust each other & almost take things for granted. They can easily let go of the misunderstandings in their relation when it comes to relying on each other. Though this raises the trust compatibility greatly, it can negatively affect the stability of a relation as blind faith often leads to failed expectations.

Communication Compatibility: 2/10

The only possible common interests that Aries & Capricorn may have are career goals. Everything else may seem distant & useless to either sign. While an Aries Woman can blabber endlessly about anything, an Aries Man is usually boastful. Capricorn Women on the contrary, prefers stable intellectual talk while Capricorn Man prefers well-measured sophisticated communication. There are no possible means for these two opposites to develop a meaningful connect while communicating.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 1/10

On sexual grounds, this is a match of karmic enemies, Mars & Saturn, the ruling planets of Aries & Capricorn respectively. Saturn has the tendency to subdue the fierce energy of Mars & because of this Aries can feel overpowered by Capricorn. This is completely against the basic passionate nature of Aries & can severely damage its self-respect & ego. Even if at a point, Aries manages to adjust accordingly, this match o archenemies is likely to face more physical limitations that can ruin each partner’s sexual experience.

Mental compatibility: 6/10

On a mental level, these two signs are quite symmetrical. In fact, this is symmetry is what leads to the illusion of a possible perfect match between the two extreme opposites. Both Aries & Capricorn value the same virtues. Even their serious opinions about others are almost identical. Yet it is the unreal expectations that they develop towards life, which start to pull them apart at a terrible pace. If ever they manage to strike a meaningful conversation out of the blue, they may click like magic! Though it will only be short lived.

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