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Aries Leo Compatibility

Aries Leo Compatibility: A Passionate Battle for Survival!

A turbulent love match ruled by fire, seeks to have a peaceful future! Both Aries & Leo are fire signs, obsessed with energy & aggression. Passion runs strong in this relation & becomes the guiding force for the two partners. Their passion can blind them of the disturbances & hardships they face every day, & they will stubbornly fight their own instincts to take their relation further, even if it comes at the cost of everything else!

ARIES & LEO Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Emotional nature of these two signs is almost identical. Dipped in passion, they can readily understand their partner’s needs & act accordingly. They will willingly add the additional spice of romance for the sake of their partner’s satisfaction, even though they themselves might be seeking to flee from that moment. Care & respect for the partner’s feelings is what sets this love match at a high compatibility & can outshine any areas of improvement in this relationship.

ARIES & LEO Trust Compatibility: 6/10

Trust compatibility for this love match stands weaker than other aspects. The outlandish nature of Aries Man towards other females can make Leo woman feel less sensual. This comes out not of possessiveness but due the high integrity, which Leo places in themselves. Similarly, since Leo Man can’t feel possessed, this creates a fear of losing her love in the mind of Aries woman. In either case, the partners are willing to fight for what is theirs. And trust is kept in question. If the passion behind these actions can be understood, any trust issues would easily resolve.

ARIES & LEO Communication Compatibility: 9/10

High on energy as well as ego, the communication that takes place between these signs is unique! Initial stages will involve great respect & admiration. Over time, this will be replaced with intense arguments & ego clashes! Passion continues to burn strong, yet the conversations are either quarrels or meaningless discussions about one or either partner. They both completely understand how & why this occurs & they both relish this tang of spice on a daily basis!

ARIES & LEO Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

Sexual relationship for this love match is an electrifying experience! Fuelled by raw passion, aggression acts as the key ingredient. Though they would usually give high importance to their partner’s satisfaction, if their ego manages to crawl in or any quarrels break out, then this can be a hurtful affair too! Both Aries & Leo should make sure to leave their egos out of the bedroom before they jump into action. Otherwise, the bed will turn into a battlefield!

ARIES & LEO Mental compatibility: 9.5/10

Mentally, they think alike. Both Aries & Leo, have the need to be the leader. This is usually a good thing in their separate lives, but when together, this can create a completely new level of competition. They begin to compare their own position with that of their partner & a typical battle of the sexes is in order! As long as one of them acts, they can handle the situation. But what needs effort is the ability to trust their partner for what they are worth, & stop fighting for the top spot in every situation.

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