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Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo compatibility: ‘Opposite charges attract

Aries and Virgo do not share anything. On one side, Aries ruled by planet Mars & a fire sign, will always rush into new projects without thinking, while Virgo, ruled by Mercury, loves to analyze detailed information about everything they take charge of. Aries can quickly decide if they want Virgo as their partner. However, the latter will take their time before they accept to be a part of this relationship. With low compatibility, they both have the capacity to part off their relation easily.

ARIES & VIRGO Love Compatibility: 3/10

Since Virgo is a practical and analytical sign, they will evaluate on how their relation lacks emotions and love. Aries being impulsive usually confuses between love and sexual attraction. They have no common traits or areas of interests, and eagerly point out each other’s fault. The only possible situation for this bond to survive is when both of them remain silent, without calculating any logic & continue to be together. Practically, that is just not the nature of these two signs, and a love match with no love is not ever a match!

ARIES & VIRGO Trust Compatibility: 7/10

Aries will try to share every truth of their life straight to their partners, even if it bugs them to the core! Virgo feels the need to be honest & genuinely reciprocate their partner’s trust. They both are faithful towards each other, which can be a positive aspect in their relationship. However, being completely truthful does not mark out the possibility of misunderstandings that this match faces due to lack of understanding & respect for each other.

ARIES & VIRGO Communication Compatibility: 3/10

Aries being a fiery sign, jumps into conclusions spontaneously without discussing it with someone, while Virgo, slowly & steadily evaluates everything and loves to communicate it with someone before deciding. This conflicts of thought results in endless and pointless fights amid the two. The bigger problem is that this love match will never face this situation, as they will part ways much earlier in their relation before they even reach this point.

ARIES & VIRGO Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 2/10

A Virgo Man remains shy & patient, whereas a Virgo Woman requires a lot of verbal motivation before committing to any sexual relationship. Aries Man on the other hand, will rush into everything – even in the sensual matters. Aries Woman, being the blunt talkative, can embarrass or even hurt her partner with her words. The only advice for both signs is to sit and communicate every important phase of their life, their fears & needs with each other in order to take their relationship to the next level, instead of making each other uncomfortable.

ARIES & VIRGO Mental compatibility: 6/10

Virgo possesses an intellectual quality while Aries excel in creativity. Excellence and Innovation go hand in hand, and together, their focused energy can create a very good love match. Both signs value dedication and hard work and move towards accomplishing their goals. Aries can bring the energy to make this relation going, while Virgo can create opportunities for this match to reach new heights. But in order to do that, they need mutual understanding & a whole lot of patience.

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