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Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Cancer natives are mellow in nature & lack an initiative quality, which can make Cancer-Cancer love match lack energy & passion. However, their caring & emotional side is more dominant, leading to a gentle relationship full of love & understanding. Nonetheless, the two partners should constantly work on spicing up their relationship often, otherwise, this duo can get lost in the daily routine of a mundane lifestyle.

CANCER & CANCER Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Cancer being the most emotional sign in the zodiac, is all about familial love. Sex never crosses their mind when they think about a potential partner. Their emotions are deep-rooted & both the partners feel connected at the thought of establishing a family together. The two have similar needs & priorities in terms of love, & the mutual satisfaction they receive is a result of similar understanding. Though for a stable relation to flourish, sexual intimacy is necessary, the two partners think about it at a much later stage in their bond.

Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

Cancer is a mellow & grounded sign. For them, emotional stability is the most important aspect in a relationship. As such, they are willing to adjust & compromise as per their partner’s nature. Since both partners feel the same, they let their egos rest when dealing with the partner & barely think of deceiving them. Trust compatibility remains very high since both partners prefer being truthful, & likewise, trust each other blindly.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

Cancer natives are patient listeners than talkers. With such high levels of mutual understanding, the two partners do not feel the need of constant conversations & connect at an intellectual level. For an on-looker, the duo may appear to be a silent boring couple, but on the inside, they understand each other so well that words cannot do complete justice to explain this bonding. They can almost read each other’s minds once they get to know each other. And the silence is still a beautiful part of their relationship.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6.5/10

Cancer being highly emotional, will connect sexual relationship deeply with emotions & feelings. Gentle caressing & the sense of togetherness replace passion. For two Cancer natives to connect sexually, one of the partners must be willing to take an initiative to guide the other into exploring the physical pleasures in life. That is what usually keeps their sex life dull. Both partners can experience a surreal feeling of oneness once they connect sexually, but neither thinks much of sex & both lack initiating capabilities.

Mental compatibility: 9.5/10

Cancers need peace & calmness in life. Both partners long for emotional stability, & in order to achieve that, they are willing to adjust accordingly with their partner. This mutual respect & understanding makes them extraordinarily compatible at a mental level. They share similar feelings & intellectual interests. Reading each other’s thoughts is a part of their daily routine. Need we say more?

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