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Cancer Libra Compatibility

Cancer & Libra have different expectations from their partners & an early foundation of the wrong kind leads this love match into a difference of opinions. While Cancer wants to be spoon fed by their partner with love & emotional security, Libra needs a partner who is always energetic & high on life. Their needs are different & are two different worlds mentally. If only they were more patient, they could be form a high compatibility love match that would explore new realms, but that rarely happens.

CANCER & LIBRA Love Compatibility: 1.5/10

Libra & Cancer are both emotional signs; however, their philosophy about love sets them worlds apart. Cancer expects to reach for the stars in a relationship. Love for Cancer is a heavenly feeling & they want their partner to drive them all the way into their fantasy world. Libra prefers a more grounded partner. They expect their partner to be realistic & easy going. Love compatibility for these two signs is very low & it would help them to not rely completely on each other for as long as they are together.

Trust Compatibility: 3/10

Trust compatibility is less for this love match even though both Libra & Cancer prefer to be truthful partners. Libra is always seeking consent & affection of others to boost their own confidence. Hence, they love to spend time in huge groups of people, even if they may only be outsiders. Cancer natives, on the contrary prefer spending time only with family or a small group of friends. They prefer private time to be priceless. They find each other’s behavior to be doubtful & fake – a misunderstanding that does not allow trust to develop & flourish.

Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Being ruled by Venus and the Moon, both Libra & Cancer like to communicate with their partners more often. Nonetheless, the two share very less in common. Their interests would not excite their partner as much. Even if they make plans together, they would seem unreal for the other partner. Libra Man would bring in a crazy adventure trip to feel the adrenaline rush, which can instantly turn off Cancer Woman. And Cancer Man would suggest spending a day relaxing, which would appear boring to Libra Woman. Thus, communication gap will always exist in this love match.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 4/10

Sexual relationship between these two emotional signs can be exciting and refreshing if carefully managed, but that is not the case usually. Cancer needs to connect emotionally before they dive into sexual pleasures, & Libra needs touch, & gentle physical arousal to develop an emotional bond. They refuse to move forward before feelings develop without realizing what their partner needs to awaken their feelings.

Mental compatibility: 2 /10

Both Cancer & Libra value emotions, yet their understanding & priorities for emotions are very different. Once in love, it can be very difficult for them to let go of each other. However, they are not meant to last. While Cancer brings care in the relationship, Libra seeks to bring in security. But they fail to communicate this effectively & each partner fails to recognize the other’s contribution.

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