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Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces are both water signs & this love match is mostly a love-at-first-sight scenario. Love & emotions run high in this relationship with high compatibility at most levels. Yet problems occur due to varying sexual expectations. Cancer can be highly emotional & intimacy may lack the fire. Pisces needs passion & the fire of Mars to feel sexually satisfied. Moreover, Pisces is afraid to show their variable nature as Cancer can misinterpret it for distrust.

CANCER & PISCES Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Pisces hides its emotions out of fear or sometimes, shame. Cancer partner can be very understanding & allows Pisces to open gradually & comfortably. This patient approach eventually makes this love match secure & strong. Once Pisces is comfortable, they start showering this relation with creative ideas & passion, thus reciprocating love & respect towards Cancer partner.

Trust Compatibility: 7/10

Pisces is a variable sign. They like to change their mind without prior notice & don’t want to give clarifications for their actions. Cancer understands this nature & is never too pushy. They can tell if Pisces is hiding something out of curiosity or without a serious motive behind it. Pisces would gradually understand this too, and in time, would openly express their feelings to Cancer out of trust. Once together, this love match gives high importance to trust between the partners.

Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

Pisces is a changing sign. Their minds are filled with ideas & thus, can talk about them for hours, even if it is just a story knitted a few moments ago. Cancer prefers working on stable & practical ideas. Thus, the habit of a Pisces can sometimes, confuse or irritate Cancer, as the words would sound unreal & tell a superficial story. Pisces would need to direct their energies towards more constructive ideas, while Cancer could sometimes, accept this nature of Pisces as being a truthful nomadic on a mental level. Communication compatibility is usually very good.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8.5/10

Cancer and Pisces can develop a strong emotional bond over time, & after the strength has been achieved in the relationship, sexual compatibility remains good. However, if they get involved in a purely sexual relationship, then satisfaction levels might remain low. Cancer links sex to emotional connects which can push passion away, while Pisces relies heavily on passion & high intensity act for physical pleasures. The two partners would need to communicate effectively to talk about preferences before jumping into action.

Mental compatibility: 2.5/10

While Cancer values emotional stability & familial love, Pisces is always seeking something new. For them, change is exciting & leading a boring life scares the lights out of them! Should getting along with a Cancer partner hint at any signs of a mundane life, Pisces would pack their bags & vanish in thin air. This aspect truly separates these two signs & needs a lot of hard work from both the partners before they can be sure about each other.

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