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Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

The love match of Cancer & Scorpio can be an overwhelming flow of emotions. While Cancer can bring out the deepest emotional fantasies of Scorpio to life, it can be hard at times to fully control a Scorpion’s self-destructive tendencies & find a stable ground for the relationship. The bonding is intense & a sincere effort is required from both the partners to succeed as a pair despite observing a high compatibility.

CANCER & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 7/10

While Cancer is skin dipped in emotions, Scorpio observes an on-off relation with feelings. They either shun emotions completely or give in to emotional outbursts under stressed conditions. On an emotional level, the two manage to connect sufficiently but in order for this love match to sustain, they must find a stable interim emotional ground where both the signs accept their own emotions & make a balance with them in life.

Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

The feeling of unfaithfulness is missing in this love match. Both Cancer & Scorpio seek & give trust in a relationship. They value the stability of their relation too much & would not sacrifice a secure relation for worthless pleasures & lies. They take their time before they truly begin to trust their partner, but once they do, it would mean the world to them. As such, trust compatibility is very high for this love match.

Communication Compatibility: 9.5/10

Cancer and Scorpio are traces of each other when in a relationship. They understand each other so much that they won’t even need words after a given time & can read each other’s gestures clearly. This can sometimes, be troublesome if one of the partner feels like hiding emotions or facts, as the other would instantly recognize the change in their behavior & conflict would follow. Usually, this is a good sign & makes them highly compatible based on communication.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

The sign of Scorpio is often symbolized by maliciousness. Their sexual fantasies are driven straight out of the dark world & their partner can expect some crazy action in bed. Luckily, Cancer is one such sign that links sexual pleasure to deep emotions. As a result, the two feel a strange & deep connection during intimacy. The experience is an overflowing gush of emotions & the two seem to be driven into another world. Once together, they might never feel satisfied physically with another partner.

Mental compatibility: 2.5/10

Cancer seeks a stable & fixed family life, while Scorpio longs for a constant change, at times even without realizing it. The clash of opposing needs can create a rift in their mental compatibility. Even though Scorpio can at one point, accept their emotions to be real, yet to accept to never change again is something they might never come to terms with.

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