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Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: ‘A healthy and strong relation’
Gemini, being childish yet interesting people, needs someone who can bring charm and fun in their lives. And who other than Aquarius can do this, who is charming and interesting. Gemini and Aquarius as partners make a perfect match. Aquarius needs their partners to be understanding of their flamboyant ideas and Gemini feels happy whist discussing things. However, they might find their relation sinking at some point of time due to lack of compassion and emotions. That said, in order to maintain the relation, they both need to spend quality time with each other. This will make them understand the unspoken words.

GEMINI & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 5/10

Both these signs are compatible enough to understand each other’s needs and emotions but this understanding is not at all the base for their relation. Gemini often experiments on their choices and gives no notice to the reasons and not even think twice before breaking with their partner, and Aquarians too value their freedom as their top priority. This behavior of both can create conflicts amid the two and may result in breaking up the bond.

Trust Compatibility: 9/10

Aquarius hates lying and Gemini does not feel the need to lie, which is why they both trust each other when in a relationship. Aquarius natives understand that privacy is something everyone should have and so do Gemini. They both give each other a lot of space and freedom. By making freedom the priority, their relation has ultimate trust. They do not judge each other and always have some or the other interesting thing to share which eliminate the need to lie.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

Gemini is a sign of Communication and this allows them to adjust and understand the minds and unspoken words of others. Aquarius is a fixed sign, always remains rigid in their thoughts and opinions and stands opposite to the movable and changing sign, Gemini. But this verbal interaction and a healthy communication between the two makes their relationship strong and beautiful.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8.5/10

Both Gemini and Aquarius do not need to take off their clothes to have a sexual experience. They feel stimulated by simple verbal connection only. That being said, they both want to be naked all the time to oppose the restriction of clothes and move freely with each other. All they want is good time and having sex in between there. They both have to take each other as intelligent individuals to arouse themselves by the intellectual side of their relationship. They can never build a relationship where they think stupid of their partner. Usually Aquarius natives take over Gemini and help them let go their childishness and shyness. They teach them that there is no limit to express freedom.

Mental compatibility: 9/10

Gemini ruled by planet Mercury (Communication) while Aquarians ruled by planets Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion) are both full of energy and are capable of innovative ideas and new things, Aquarians determination helps to put these thoughts into implementation. Gemini sometimes distracts their mind and focus from a particular thing but Aquarians help them to remain motivated. This often makes Gemini irritated, as they don’t like to be restricted and pressurized for anything.

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