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Gemini & Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini & Capricorn Compatibility: Wild Fire under a Tornado!
Gemini and Capricorn love match is a complicated affair. Though both seek what exists in the partner sign, they somehow fail to accept it fully. Gemini wants a partner who could teach them the meaning of a stable & emotional life, but looking at Capricorn, they see an orthodox & boring personality that seems unattractive. Similarly, Capricorn seeks fun & joy, but Gemini appears to be a nomadic wanderer, who lacks direction in life. Thus, the compatibility for this match remains very low.

GEMINI & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Ruled by Mercury and Saturn, both Gemini & Capricorn lack on the emotional front. Yet when they meet people from other signs, more often than not, their hidden emotions somehow find a way out. But this is not the case when they are with each other. This relation does not excite them at any level. No sparks of romance ever see light of the day, & this love match becomes a tasteless experience for both the partners.

Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Capricorn is a deep thinker. Though they are aware of a Gemini Man’s flirtatious nature, a Capricorn Woman digs deeper to figure out the facts behind this veil. While a Capricorn Man thinks he can interpret a Gemini woman’s words clearly & make out the true reasons behind a Gemini’s lies. For Gemini, Capricorn is the most straightforward creature who prefers textbook concepts & goes by the rules. Hence, trusting them is easy. Given the changeable & unpredictable nature of Gemini, this trust compatibility will eventually face the music, but until then they maintain a decent trustworthiness.

Communication Compatibility: 2.5/10

While Gemini is a good talker, Capricorn expects to find the deepest of details within a matter. Sometimes, this could work out between them, but mostly Gemini would avoid a very deep & serious talk. Gemini loves to talk but with variety at hand, thus they can switch over to a new topic, & blabber openly. But Capricorn being a fixed sign, would prefer sticking to the same topic until the two break out into an argument. A healthy communication will definitely begin, but by the end, it is an all-out war!

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

Capricorn & Gemini land on two opposite sides of intimacy. While Capricorn prefers no words, and all action, Gemini jumps in with their show-off stature & start explaining everything in detail. Capricorn expects their partner to shower them with physical caress & comfort, while Gemini wants loud & raunchy sexual experiments. This becomes a very uncomfortable situation for both the partners & intimacy can never reach a satisfying level.

Mental compatibility: 0.5/10

Gemini gives importance to the ability of a person to communicate beautifully. The capability of putting across one’s thoughts nicely is of greater importance to them. Capricorn stands for moral values like honesty, & punctuality. These opposing minds barely manage to meet each other’s expectations & give to their partner what they seek themselves. Mutual understanding is usually missing. A great deal of patience & adjustments would be needed for them to survive together with such low compatibility levels.

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