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Gemini & Gemini Compatibility

Gemini & Gemini Compatibility: A Sticky Match!

This love match is more of an obsession for the on-looker. Gemini duo seems to do everything together when in a relationship. They would go everywhere together, can never be found alone, & always share everything with each other. So much that at times, it looks too fake to be real. Both partners share many common interests & rank highly on compatibility, but being together in every situation all the time makes this match susceptible to early demise due to boredom and quick withering in a matter of days.

GEMINI & GEMINI Love Compatibility: 7/10

Gemini is not very emotional. Both the partners are aware of the emotional absence & try to make up for it through different channels. While Gemini Man seeks an intellectual partner, Gemini woman prefers a more communicable associate in a relationship. They can continue to drag this bond for as long as one of them finally meets someone who awakens their deep embedded emotions & that is when they realize, they need someone & something better in life.

GEMINI & GEMINI Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Trust compatibility always remains low for a Gemini-Gemini love match. The partners rarely trust each other & hardly bother over it. They are indecisive & highly changeable. Their sudden mood swings & unpredictable choices are often a mystery to themselves, thus, they don’t value trust in this relationship & continue to cherish their freedom. This makes them easy going with their partner but makes for a weak bond in a relationship.

GEMINI & GEMINI Communication Compatibility: 9.5/10

Communication between two Gemini partners is an endless saga! In fact, this is the main reason why they choose each other as partners. They are always desperate to talk to each other. There is always something to discuss, they will always a new topic to spark a conversation. On an intellectual level, they are like two long lost twins who meet somewhere in time, & the beauty of it is a delightful site even for the passersby.

GEMINI & GEMINI Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8/10

The sexual relation of two Gemini associates is a fun scenario. While both partners are willing to experiment, they are equally eager to teach their partners through their own past experiences. The feeling of being a more experienced partner gives them greater pleasure than the art of love making itself. They are always seeking for thrill & excitement during physical pleasures, but this is what makes it a short-lived love match. The moment that spark of excitement dies, boredom crops in.

GEMINI & GEMINI Mental compatibility: 9.5/10

Gemini gives high importance to freedom. Both partners dwell deep into intellectual thoughts & live an emotionally deprived lifestyle. They are over thinkers & almost identical at a mental level. They continue to stay together in their emotionless world but only until one of them comes across with the hidden gem of feelings, which completely turns their life upside down & makes them see the softer & expressive side of life.

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