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Gemini & Scorpio compatibility

Gemini & Scorpio compatibility: A Shallow Mismatch!
Gemini and Scorpio love match lacks depth. This relationship will leave both the partners feeling unsatisfied & incomplete with their partner. While Gemini finds Scorpio to be too dark & sad, Scorpio fails to understand how Gemini thinks & acts. The compatibility levels on all sectors are low & the mismatch can make no sense to either of the partners.

GEMINI & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Emotions & love are swinging in opposite directions for the two signs. Gemini has a unique way of expressing emotions, which can be almost unintelligible for other signs. Scorpio on the other hand, expresses feelings in a direct fashion, which appear to be fake to Gemini. The two can never settle for a middle ground & emotional compatibility remains negligible.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Scorpio expects trust & respect in a relationship, & reciprocates the same to the highest order towards their partner. While Scorpio Man would trust his partner completely until the first sign of alarm, Scorpio Women puts trust in the form of respect for herself as well as her partner in the relation. For Gemini, being truthful as per others’ standards is hard, since they are constantly finding the truth of their own existence. As such, trust can never truly develop & flourish in this love match.

Communication Compatibility: 2/10

Communication is Gemini’s forte. Not only do they excel in communicating efficiently, a curious listener turns them on. Scorpio being one of the most curious signs in the zodiac initially attracts Gemini with intellectual doubts, but soon the conversation reaches the dark & serious depths inside the Scorpion’s heart. This is what makes Gemini uncomfortable, as they literally fear any serious or depressing thoughts. The two signs can barely complete a conversation with each other without getting a severe headache.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

A sexual relationship between two such completely different identities is utter confusion & dissatisfaction. Emotional compatibility does not exist between them, and a stable communication cannot be build. As such, the two signs struggle to understand what the partner wants. Emotional overflow for a Scorpio is quite likely in bed, whereas Gemini’s casual response makes them look almost asexual. A mutual connect is never established, and no sign of comfort can be seen in their intimacy.

Mental compatibility: 2/10

Both Gemini & Scorpio value intelligence & smart thinking. New ideas attract them, & knowledge excites them. This could be only reason why the two could come together for once. Though their thoughts take different directions & form a different reality for each, at least during the initial stages, curiosity & deep knowledge seem to act as common interests for this love match.

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