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Leo Capricorn Compatibility

Leo & Capricorn compatibility: A Challenging Act!

This love match does have the potential to become successful in the long term. However, under ideal conditions, this does not happen. Leo’s ability to act & Capricorn’s skill to strategize can help them achieve milestones in a relationship. Nonetheless, lack of emotional connect & absence of physical compatibility pulls them apart eventually.

LEO & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Love compatibility between these two signs is very low & the reason in not the absence of love. While Leo is open & generally hasty in their emotional approach, Capricorn likes to keep feelings hidden deep within their hearts. It takes patience & time for a Capricorn to open up to their partner – something that Leo finds hard to provide. Thus, before reaching that middle ground filled with love, the duo decides to part ways on a bad note.

Trust Compatibility: 4/10

Capricorn & Leo form a relationship where lies simply cannot exist. Leo likes to show off & Capricorn understands the motive behind this act. Thus, distrust or doubt is never present. However, Leo is so used to being doubted upon in their lives, that they may feel confused with Capricorn’s reaction & might become doubtful of themselves, or their partner’s intentions. The moment doubt crawls in, partners might try to lie their way out, which is of no avail since they are both bad liars & eventually cracks appear in their trust compatibility.

Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Leo & Capricorn are fixed signs, each with a set of values that is important for them, which neither is willing to compromise on. While the two can create a progressive & constructive conversation, the difference in mindsets & the disability to adjust does not allow it to happen. Capricorn’s skillfulness & Leo’s valor could make for a great story telling, but the patience needed to hear out the other is absent, thus leading to mediocre communication compatibility.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

Leo and Capricorn are both sexual signs, yet approach the act differently. While Leo Man is passionate, Capricorn woman is shy & easy going. A Leo woman prefers an open & flaunting approach while Capricorn is more cool headed & practical. As such, sexual compatibility remains low, as both partners cant seem to find their level of satisfaction & would avoid getting in bed with each other. These issues could be sorted over time, though none is willing to wait for that long.

Mental compatibility: 5/10

On a mental level, Leo is all about actions. Capricorn on the other hand, prefers prior planning. The two would respect each other’s approach, & if needed, can turn into a great team together. However, on a daily basis, these conflicting personalities lead to many issues, as they need to move together towards a common goal. And if either partner is unwilling to listen & coordinate, their actions are liable to fail as a love match.

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