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Leo Scorpio Compatibility

LEO & SCORPIO compatibility: Not a Cake Walk!

This love match is not an easy one for either partner. Leo & Scorpio are both fixed signs, with their own set of rules & values that neither is willing to compromise with. Their approaches towards life are different & thought process is nowhere identical. Thus, sticking to the idea of reaching a comfortable point in this relationship will only harm the two partners. Low compatibility levels & absence of love make this relationship a painful journey.

Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Love is a complicated emotion to handle in this match. While Scorpio is constantly tied down to their negativity, Leo is usually outlandish & can feel confused about how to bring Scorpio out of the dark side. This can further become complex if either of the partners relies completely on the other, with minimal social circle outside of this relationship. This can bury them in the dark torturous relation that does not seem to move on or fade out on its own. Love compatibility is practically zero for this match.

Trust Compatibility: 6.5/10

Leo & Scorpio are fixed signs. Once trust has been established between the two, the bond is virtually eternal. With priorities set well in place, Leo prefers the clear & extrovertly approach, while Scorpio has the tendency to be very direct. Lies are usually not important for either partner & the trust compatibility remains strong. Yet at times, their conflicting natures can give rise to trust issues courtesy Leo’s need for public attention or Scorpio’s gravely dark side, which can seem superficial to Leo.

Communication Compatibility: 3/10

Communication compatibility for these two signs is not very high. While Leo is more focused on showing the world what a perfect creature looks like, Scorpio is more of a Karmic being, who would not want to spoil their karma. Their interests are not much common & rarely give them something to talk about. Getting into a conversation, a Leo can expect a lecture from Scorpio on following your dreams & keeping a good karma, while Leo would barely stop talking about what they are good at & showing off their skills.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

A sexual relationship between these two signs is not very exciting & usually a bad situation to be in. While Leo is passionate & always seeking action, they tend to take intimacy casually. Scorpio represents sex itself. It dwells deep within & associates sexual intimacy with the deepest of emotions. Thus, the two fail to meet somewhere in the middle, leaving both the partners feeling dissatisfied or often devastated, if they love each other madly. Their approach towards sexual relationships is different & sexual compatibility is very low.

LEO & SCORPIO Mental compatibility: 3.5/10

On a mental level, Scorpio & Leo are two different personalities, which are not similar & not compatible. One seeks karmic reclamation while the other value courage & honor. At ground level, these are conflicting mentalities & can usually not work together in a relationship. Their conversations can seem meaningless even to the two partners, as they fail to understand what the other is trying to say.

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