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Leo Virgo Compatibility

LEO & VIRGO compatibility: A Rationale Mismatch!

Leo and Virgo are rational signs. Their mentalities are to seek the perfect partner, who is devoid of any flaws. Emotionally, they may never click as partners since their quest for perfection leads them into a superficial world of expectations. If together, they will rarely feel loved & thus, never think of loving their partner in return. Though good communication skills might make them good friends, yet as a love match, they are bound to break up due to low compatibility.

Love Compatibility with Leo Virgo 0.5/10

Being in love will not be easy for these two rationales. While Virgo would rationalize every bit of this relation, Leo would measure the need of intimacy but from a practical point of view instead of emotional. As such, the feeling of closeness is never achieved. Their minds pull them in a heartless world filled with facts & logic. Emotions are missing & love compatibility is absent.

Trust Compatibility: 6.5/10

Since both signs think logically, trust is usually at the center of every matter. Both Leo & Virgo are loyal & faithful partners. Yet, troubles come when the flaunting nature of Leo makes Virgo doubtful of their partner’s intentions. Even though Leo does not have a bit of doubt for their partner, yet their showing off can sometimes become a turn off for their Virgo partner & become a reason for reduced trust compatibility.

Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Both Leo and Virgo are logical signs, who are good with communication abilities. Virgo is an Earth sign, while Leo is a fire sign. These elemental differences constitute two different personalities when it comes down to stability of thoughts. Leo is fiery & often becomes passionate when communicating thoughts. Imposing their thoughts upon their partner is a norm for Leo. Virgo on the other hand, is too confident of their own conviction & is unwilling to bow down to Leo’s forceful conviction. Friction is likely to bring down their compatibility further.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

Leo & Virgo do not make for a great sexual match. While Virgo is too shy & conscious about their sexuality, Leo is overly confident & willing to exhibit skills that are acknowledged by their partner. Virgo expects their partner to make them feel comfortable physically, while Leo expects their partner to boost their self-confidence. Both partners have different expectations, which are usually not met by either in this love match.

Mental compatibility: 7.5/10

Mental compatibility is what can generally bring these two together. Leo & Virgo have their lives built on the foundation of logic, & their similar mentalities make up for great conversations. If working together, they can develop just the ambience needed to cultivate the productive thoughts & ideas to find success. However, for a love match to survive, all aspects must be considered.

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