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Libra Aquarius Compatibility

AQUARIUS & LIBRA compatibility: ‘An Exciting Journey’

Aquarius & Libra love match has so much potential for everything – good as well as bad. While the two can experience a journey like none other together, they may also face their biggest struggles in life trying to be together. Either way, this one is bound to have a lot of fun, making this love match a roller coaster ride that’s definitely worth a try, no matter the results!

LIBRA & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 8/10

Love is always on a rise for this love match. Libra & Aquarius both seek emotional stability in their lives & act out of feelings rather than logic. While Libra wants their partner to boost their emotional confidence, Aquarius expects their partner to respect their opinions & emotions towards the small things in life. The only trouble that could crop in is when Libra would seek long-term commitment, as Aquarius values freedom. And committing to someone (or rather something) for life can really scare their daylights out!

Trust Compatibility: 8.5/10

Libra prefers a truthful relationship & relishes the support of a faithful partner. Aquarius would usually not lie about their adventures & truthfully accept even their most embarrassing of weakness to their partner. Thus, trust compatibility is usually very high in this relationship. Nonetheless, a breaking point could be reached if Libra tends to become overly dependent on Aquarius partner, as Aquarius can find it hard to cope with, leading to the tumbling of their trust on each other.

Communication Compatibility: 4/10

Libra and Aquarius have some common interests, yet their basic instincts pose certain limitations without their own knowledge. Libra wants to please everyone to gain self-confidence, while Aquarius would want to go in a direction that is socially abandoned! For them, finding their own way is very important even if it is not needed. As long as the two talk about themselves, they may strike an entertaining conversation, but talking about each other does not usually end up in smiles for this couple. Yet random topics as a focus lead to some highly educating & interesting stories between these two.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

While Libra is concerned too much with other’s opinions, Aquarius brings their self-confidence to this bond, which even helps their partner feel confident about themselves. Mutually, the two enter a sexual relation where Aquarius can not only experiment openly, but also liberate their Libra partner to explore their deepest fantasies & feel proud of their sexuality. This intimacy can prove to be an enlightening compatibility for both the partners, & might never want to move away from each other.

Mental compatibility: 5/10

Mentally, the two signs are quite the opposite. Libra seeks balance & Aquarius seeks freedom. Libra wants public attention & Aquarius prefers solitude. Yet, at a philosophical level, the two embark in search of true love meeting somewhere in the middle of their journeys. This love match can survive the tides of time with little adjustments, provided they relish every flavor in its originality & enjoy the fulfilling compatibility levels!

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