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Libra Capricorn Compatibility

LIBRA & CAPRICORN compatibility: ‘A Tough Choice’

Being together in Libra & Capricorn love match is not easy for either partner. Besides the problems faced by any regular couple, this match essentially faces the dire absence of love itself, which is triggered by Capricorn’s lack of emotional connect & conveniently pushed on by Libra. Low compatibility levels and a clear absence of love make being in this relationship a tough choice for both partners.

LIBRA & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

What truly makes this relationship a mismatch is the absence of love compatibility. Capricorn has a tendency to subdue any emotions until deeply & strongly provoked by their partner. Libra works in a similar fashion, & seeks their partner’s approval for expressing their emotions. Since Capricorn is hiding their feelings throughout the relationship, Libra reciprocates similar trends & chooses not to open up with their Capricorn partner. Thus, feelings are never developed for each other & love compatibility is almost nil.

Trust Compatibility: 8/10

Lack of love yet high trust compatibility make this love match even stranger. This is usually due to Capricorn’s dual nature where they would allow their Libra partner to open up comfortably about their weakness, yet make them feel guilty if ever a lie is detected. The two partners are too comfortable with each other to share everything without much thought & lies are mostly missing. Yet if either of the partner is too strict & a lack of openness exists, then this compatibility might take a hit.

Communication Compatibility: 3.5/10

Communication compatibility remains low for this love match. Reasons are lack of understanding & common interests. Libra is not generally stubborn, yet in Capricorn’s presence, they tend to become rigid & try to be self-dependent due to the lack of care shown by Capricorn. Libra relies on communication in a relationship. However, if a relationship begins to lose its meaning, Libra disconnects any communication channels with their partner.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 1.5/10

A sexual relationship between Libra & Capricorn can be very stressful for either partner. While both signs give high importance to intimacy in a relationship, together they lack chemistry as a pair. The sexual activities are either self-forced or self-imposed, owing to the need to be sexually active. This can severely damage their self-respect as individuals causing further issues in their sexual relationship. Satisfaction levels are never good & sexual compatibility is very low.

LIBRA & CAPRICORN Mental compatibility: 5/10

While both Libra & Capricorn value time & responsibilities, their words & actions vary largely, leading to differences at a mental level. Libra has a balanced approach & their words & actions balance each other nicely. For Capricorn though, weighing in on words is not very important as much the message that they carry. With the sole intention to connect with the material world, Capricorn would not spend much energy thinking about how not to hurting someone’s feelings with words. Though together they ay learn a lot from each other, the overall experience is not very pleasing nor comfortable for either partner.

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