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Libra Libra Compatibility

Libra & Libra compatibility: A Balanced Relationship!

A Libra-Libra love match is continuously working on finding the right balance in the relationship. The sign of Libra values emotions and practicality equally, supporting their partner at every step, yet is careful not to cross the subtle boundary that might make their partner uncomfortable. Their need for approval of others is a sign of lack of confidence, which might make their partner feel sorry about, yet both Libra partners ensure not to embarrass the other about it, leading to good compatibility levels.

LIBRA & LIBRA Love Compatibility: 5/10

While the ruler of Libra, Venus symbolizes love, an exalted Saturn brings a stubborn nature as well. Though Libra longs for a stable emotional relation, they can sometimes be unwilling to enter a relationship readily. When they see an opportunity, they first tend to weigh the options carefully before giving in completely. This can sometimes lead to slipping away of a potential partner, as a Libra never readily accepts lack of emotions if they are at the receiving end. This duality leads to average love compatibility.

Trust Compatibility: 3.5/10

Libra tends to be very choosy due their indecisive nature. No matter how much they may weigh or scrutinize their partner’s validity, the moment they express the lack of clarity, trust issues are bombarded. Clearly, a person would not want their partner to be unsure of being in a relationship. As such, trust compatibility remains low. This is further spoilt by their ways to seek attention & approval from others to gain confidence. Trying to do so in front of your partner is never a good option.

Communication Compatibility: 8/10

Communication compatibility for this love match is usually high, courtesy the balanced use of words by Libra. Careful about not to hurt their partner’s ego, they choose words wisely & manage to strike significant conversations on a daily basis. This continues until one of them loses temper & decides to confront the other. Such confrontations are never a good scenario & can truly damage the self-respect of the partner on the hearing end.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6.5/10

A sexual relationship between two Libras is a decent and graceful act. The way they work elegantly & prefer grace over animal-like passion makes the experience all the more fulfilling for both the partners. However, their habit to point out the other’s fault could easily embarrass their partner, leading to long term issues. If this is kept under check, this bond could be an eternal bond of blissful pleasures & intimacy.

LIBRA & LIBRA Mental compatibility: 9.5/10

Libra is a sign of balance. Spirituality lies at the core, & decency & grace govern the life of Libra. The two partners, thus, keep a clean heart & mind, which leads for meaningful exchange of thoughts & greater learnings for both the partners when they are together. High mental compatibility usually exists in this duo, where sweet speech & etiquettes rule the house.

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