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Libra Pisces Compatibility

Libra and Pisces compatibility: ‘The Unbalanced Act’

Libra and Pisces love match can solely be kept together if the two act entirely out of their passion towards each other & try to ignore their partner’s unconventional nature. Libra seeks their partner’s push to enforce their self-confidence. Pisces is not patient enough to provide this kind of care or attention to their partner. The mutable personality of Pisces makes for more differences that usually suffice in pulling the two apart easily. Compatibility levels are usually low for this couple.

LIBRA & PISCES Love Compatibility: 1.5/10

Love compatibility for this relationship is very low. The separate nature of both partners generally leads to a disrespectful bond between the two that leaves no space for adoration & love. If only the two partners could look beyond their elevated egos, they could discover a caring & loving relation instead of disrespecting each other’s differences. However, Pisces lacks the emotional sense & Libra jumps into emotional flaunting leading to clashing temperaments & low compatibility.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Pisces Man is usually lost in their fantasy world, leaving out Libra woman & the rest of the world behind. Libra Man on the contrary, would continuously chase their partner seeking approval for their actions. Both the signs find each other’s actions questionable & trust remains missing. While Libra would try hard to pull Pisces back into reality, this constant chasing only pushes Pisces further away from Libra, until ultimately the relationship gives in.

Communication Compatibility: 0.5/10

Communication is another of the weaker areas for this love match. With disrespect for each other & lack of understanding, a meaningful conversation can rarely occur between Libra & Pisces. Libra tries to bring Pisces back to reality, while Pisces wants to move away from the world & create their own fantastical boundaries. No common interests worsen the situation & communication compatibility remains missing.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 5/10

While both Libra & Pisces prefer a passionate sexual relationship, the difference lies in their speeds of approach. Libra likes fast-paced actions & a suddenly rising passion that sweeps them off their feet. Pisces seeks for a slower approach where the two partners give each other time to express their feelings. This can easily be sorted due to Pisces’s mutable nature, as they adapt quickly during intimacy, however, the lack of feelings & understanding make this a mediocre affair & the two can never boast of sexual satisfaction with each other.

LIBRA & PISCES Mental compatibility: 6/10

Both Libra & Pisces emphasize the importance of love & food. Most of their actions are centered towards these two natural acts of survival. Yet Libra holds an emotionally balanced approach, while Pisces creates a mesh of emotions, where sometimes, emotional outbursts occur, while at other points, care & feelings remain completely absent. They usually understand each other but their egos stop them from being themselves carelessly in this relationship, since the other partner usually fails to consider their sincere efforts.

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