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Pisces Pisces Compatibility

Pisces & Pisces compatibility: Mutation Ahead!

Pisces-Pisces love affair is a changeable affair. Both partners are constantly shifting in their ideas & opinions, & can barely stick together in the absence of love. Their respective fantasy worlds keep them preoccupied & despite good compatibility levels, they lack the potential to become a great pair.

Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Pisces is a highly emotional sign. Constantly in search of a love partner, this sign will shower their feelings on their partner & dream of fulfilling their life long fantasies with them. With both partners seeking to live their own fantasies, this relationship can be either a fairy tale or a tale of horrors, depending on how each partner reacts to the needs of their partner. The variable natures of both partners are visible, leading to inconsistencies in spite of very high love compatibility.

Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Trust is not the strongest of virtues for Pisces. Driven by emotions & living in a dream, Pisces often acts against logic, & can sometimes lie to their partner just to analyze their reaction or to test their commitment. This approach can easily be understood (or misunderstood) by the partner, which can lead to doubts & debates. With Two Pisces in the picture & both acting in similar ways, trust compatibility is always under stress & scrutiny.

Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Communication compatibility varies for this love match, but can be good mostly. With both Pisces partners searching for their dream partner, sharing of thoughts is one of the first things that bring them together. Exchange of aspirations & dreams can really motivate both partners & influence a betterment in them. Though, to fulfill their partner’s needs & adjust accordingly is not necessarily existent. Good healthy conversations may occur often, but only as long as a decisive debate does not occur. Getting to a conclusion in a discussion would be very hard for this love match.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 7.5/10

A sexual relationship between two Pisces partners can be a heavenly experience. Pisces wants their partner to indulge in intimacy with a highly emotional approach. With both partners stepping in with a similar mindset, action in bed is likely to be passionate & equally satisfying for both the partners. The only issue could be the desire to be made to feel comfortable. Both Pisces Man & woman would look up to each other to make them feel more comfortable, resulting in a mutual hesitation. This hesitation can either be followed by the leadership of one of them, or both feeling less confident & sadder about themselves.

Mental compatibility: 8/10

Though similar, two Pisces are often very different personalities at the mental level. Both partners reflect a flexible & mutable nature, yet hold their dreams of utmost important. They can talk about it all they want, but will never want to compromise on their ideas. Both partners would understand each other’s needs but will fail to adjust as per the needs. Thus, despite high mental compatibility, adjustment & satisfaction levels are negligible.

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