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Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio – Aquarius compatibility: When the Outcast Meets the Rebel!

This love match is hard to understand. While Scorpio & Aquarius are poles apart in their outlooks towards life, together they may act in a variable manner under different conditions. Sometimes, they would appear to be the best of friends & out of nowhere, a sudden outburst can turn them into bloodthirsty vampires fighting each other for supremacy. The extreme variations lead to an unstable match with low compatibility levels.

SCORPIO & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Love has different definitions for Scorpio & Aquarius. Scorpio wants to tie their partner to a bed so they can just stare at them for the rest of their lives. Their possessiveness can be maddening at times. While Aquarius cherishes a possessive partner, their commitment towards their partner does not necessarily suppress their own freedom. They would love to experiment with other people openly, taking their partner along on their journey, something a Scorpio cannot stand. Thus, a mutual agreement can never be reached & love compatibility remains low.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

A combination of the possessive & the free bird can never possibly settle for a trustful bond. Scorpio Woman would always want Aquarius Man to leave everything else & spend time with her. Likewise, an Aquarius woman would always want to undertake a journey or a short trip to explore something new & would not really push their Scorpio Man to get along. Thus, neither partner can dare trust their partner easily or fully, leading to bad trust compatibility.

Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Strange topics, occult sciences & everything out of their relation’s limits can be discussed easily between these two in long stretched conversations. The two possess good communication skills & can explain anything proficiently to their partner – except when they decide to talk about their relationship & preferences. Neither partner would be willing to understand the other’s point of view nor would any adjustments be made. The dark thoughts of Scorpio & the logic-defying Aquarius can never be in sync with each other’s thoughts.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 4/10

Aquarius & Scorpio love a great sexual experience. Yet, their preferences & approach vary greatly. Scorpio likes to keep emotions out of intimacy, while Aquarius is all about emotions, particularly the happy ones. Scorpio likes to keep it dark & rough, while Aquarius would spice it up with a mix of everything. The two can turn this into an exciting scenario with some adjustments, though when in bed, their egos don’t allow for a lot of adjustments, leading to low sexual compatibility.

SCORPIO & AQUARIUS Mental compatibility: 3/10

Excitement and change is what Scorpio & Aquarius truly desire in life. This is something that might bring them together for good. However, everything else that they seek lays on opposing grounds. Aquarius wants freedom & Scorpio wants unwavering commitment. Aquarius wants a philosophical connect with their partner, while Scorpio expects a strong emotional & physical relation. These differences are too big for them to find a middle ground. Mental compatibility is usually low.

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