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Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility: ‘The Dark Couple’

Scorpio and Scorpio love match is a relationship marked by the coupling of their inner darkness. While the two partners understand each other well & show decent mental compatibility, this couple faces the issue of getting lost inside the void in their hearts & possibly live a depressed life, if care is not taken. Overall compatibility is good, & the two can share a happy bond with some efforts put in towards improvements.

SCORPIO & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 5.5/10

Love compatibility for this love match is mediocre, the reason being not the absence of love, but the presence of all the unacknowledged dark emotions that are otherwise, put aside as unimportant. Both Scorpios have flooding of the negative emotions in their heart that they at times, overshadow the positivist of love. Though they would love each other, most of their time would be spent talking about the dark feelings in their heart of each other as well as everything else on the planet.

Trust Compatibility: 4/10

Scorpio natives tend to be very possessive towards their partner. While they would want to know every detail about the life of their partner, they themselves do not feel obliged to pass the same information about their lives to their partners. Both partners want to impose their supremacy, which ends up being a battle more than a relationship. Hence, trust issues prevail in this bond, & trust compatibility remains low.

Communication Compatibility: 7/10

With deep minds filled with dark emotional scenarios, only a Scorpio can dare understand the true mental state of another Scorpio, & thus, spark the perfect conversation. This duo can communicate easily, provided their alike minds & interests. They understand & make understand each other very well & can talk non-stop about the dark realm of emotions. The trouble however, could come when either partner could fear of losing their position or influence due to the other. That’s when all mutual understanding would fail & depression would reign supreme.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6.5/10

A sexual relationship between Scorpio – Scorpio can either be a dream come true or the worst nightmare for either partner. While the intense passion & strong feelings can make this intimacy a bond of a lifetime, the respective tension within their minds can lead to the most stressful sexual bond on the zodiac. Both partners need to be vocal about their mental state before entering an intimate relation & only then can they truly experience the beauty beyond words.

SCORPIO & SCORPIO Mental compatibility: 9/10

The element of water makes Scorpio highly emotional. However, the imbalance of emotions makes it hard for them to be understood easily. And only another Scorpio can figure out the real in tensions & feelings behind this emotional chaos. While both value maturity & logical approach, neither of the partners can significantly deliver it. Thus, both understand what the partner is trying to do & what each of their act means. Mental compatibility is exceptionally high.

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