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Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus Cancer Compatibility: A deadly combination of ‘Passion’ and ‘Power’
The love match of Taurus and Cancer is probably the gentlest pair in the zodiac. Their common emotional goals for love, family, and belonging allow them to remain together for a very long time. Both signs are highly emotional & their past baggage may often hinder the growth of present relations, yet their mental compatibility bestows a forgiving nature that allows both the partners to let go of the past & move forward together.

TAURUS & CANCER Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Taurus and Cancer rule the emotional realm in the zodiac. While Cancer Woman feels and takes care of their partner’s emotions, Taurus Man reciprocates this love back through material security and the gentle touches. Cancer Man can sense his partner’s needs & Taurus women would secure the relation with her physical tenderness that Cancer needs. This unending cycle of love bonds the two in a very emotional & sensitive bond, which is usually good, but can easily make them prone to being hurt by small things.

TAURUS & CANCER Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

Both Taurus & Cancer lay their relationship on the foundation of blind faith. They rely on each other completely & equally reciprocate this trust towards their partner. It would take a miracle to break this trust compatibility once the two have committed, and once that happens, it would really mean the end of the world for these emotional creatures. Such occurrences are rare in this love match & the two normally stick together through eternity.

TAURUS & CANCER Communication Compatibility: 8/10

These two signs are very homely and most of their conversations revolve around family & love. Though they don’t talk much, they can easily understand each other with very less effort. Working in sync with each other is one of the key strengths for this match. Though Taurus can be stubborn at times, Cancer can only reply with more love & compassion. If Taurus can work on being easy under stress, this relation will only get better at communication compatibility.

TAURUS & CANCER Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Though this match appears to be asexual & driven completely by emotions, sexual compatibility is still a strong aspect of this match. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality. Taurus indulge in sex with all their senses, as they see, touch, taste & smell their partner with subtlety, making them comfortable in every possible way. Cancer needs this tenderness to become open to their own sexuality. Though the aversion to Mars may keep passion at bay, sexual experiences for this match are smooth & more about being together than anything else.

TAURUS & CANCER Mental compatibility: 8/10

Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and exalted in Taurus. As such, family, compassion, & a peaceful life are very important for both the signs. Cancer is a Water sign & is drenched in emotions, while Taurus seeks financial security. These differences can bring in a sense of fear & a superfluous relation in the partners. This can easily be cleared through effective communication & both the partners should give each other sometime & space to clear these priorities before committing for a serious relation.

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