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Taurus and Gemini compatibility

Taurus and Gemini compatibility: ‘When Affection meets Passion’
Taurus is ruled by Planet Venus, the symbol of love, beauty, and romance, while Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, the symbol of Communication. Taurus is all about romance and physical sensuality, & Gemini is capable of changing its energy and attitude as per the situation’s demand. If this cooperation succeeds between the two, it can help this love match travel far. But Gemini believes in taking decision impulsively & Taurus is more practical towards life and ways to achieve goals. This makes this love match lack much compatibility.

TAURUS & GEMINI Love Compatibility: 4/10

Taurus, sign of care always tries to pamper and love their partner even without getting anything in return. They are so gentle and patient that they even melt down towards the insensitive behavior of their partner. However, Gemini follows a different approach towards showing affection and sentiments. Taurus finds unique ways to understand the feelings of Gemini partner. Gemini too would show their warm and deepest feelings towards them in return, if and only they could recognize their partner’s deep emotions. This results in a lack of compatibility.

TAURUS & GEMINI Trust Compatibility: 2/10

Trust is the main aspect where Gemini and Taurus stand opposite to each other. Gemini feels restricted if someone tries to bind them in any kind of committed bond. They will find excuses to run away from the responsibilities of that relation. While, Taurus will find ways to protect the relation at any cost if they smell something wrong is happening. This often makes them over possessive towards their lover. These two signs are poles apart & trust compatibility stands very low.

TAURUS & GEMINI Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Taurus is a fixed sign and always focuses on one thing at a time. They put all their energy to finish that particular task. While Gemini people are subject to change without prior notice. They jump from one thing to other impulsively. Taurus can cool down Gemini and teach them to work and think practically, while on the other side they could also learn Gemini’s way towards life and realize that sometimes change is also equally important than a static determination to achieve a goal. This communication gap might be filled if the two decide to meet midway, though the chances are bleak.

TAURUS & GEMINI Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 5/10

Taurus, a symbol of romance, is always in need of physical touch and sexual commitment, while Gemini loves to spend their time thinking intellectually and creatively instead of wasting time in bed. They both love their partners but have a different approach, which needs to be understood by both in order to sustain their relation. Their sexual life could be hampered as Gemini can easily be fed up and thus, make Taurus feel hurt and annoyed due to lack of sentiments and passion in their connection.

TAURUS & GEMINI Mental compatibility: 3/10

Gemini’s intellectual approach towards life stands against Taurus’s practical and logical attitude. They both enjoy working together but often differ in the method of completing it. Gemini on one hand, rushes into the activity, while Taurus loves to analyze everything in deep before jumping to the conclusion. The only possible situation to this unsettled issue is when both sit and communicate openly about their thoughts and combine their creative ideas and practical approach to win the world. Such occasions are rare, though & the two usually end up on separate ways.

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