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Taurus Libra Compatibility

Taurus and Libra compatibility: ‘A combination of instinct and intellect’
Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by planet Venus, symbol of love, beauty, and wealth. They both share common areas of interests and love to enjoy art, music. Taurus is an Earth sign and always moves on through their instinctive knowledge, while Libra practically examines the situation in depth and decides intellectually. Most of the times, they both stand opposite to each other’s opinions and thoughts, & reaching a center point can be a headache for this love match.

TAURUS & LIBRA Love Compatibility: 3/10

Both these signs look for partners with whom they can easily fall in love, but this match does not deliver a good compatibility. They usually enjoy being together but Taurus tries to maintain space with Libra as Librans have the tendency to point out the flaws in others. They both appreciate luxurious lifestyle, love, and romance and even try to provide the same to their lovers, but somehow things don’t work positively. An emotional connect is almost always absent.

TAURUS & LIBRA Trust Compatibility: 3/10

Librans being weak in making decisions, can make it hard for Taurus natives to trust them. Taurus Man asks for certainty and Libra Woman’s uncertainty might lead to a chaotic situation, where recovering Taurus’s hurt ego would be next to impossible. In order to maintain the relation, Librans would have to make Taurus feel wanted. Both Taurus and Libra yearn for security in the relationship. However, Libra Men are insecure usually, which makes trust compatibility low all the time. However, when a stable and sorted Taurus Woman tries to get involved, you never know what turn their relationship might take.

TAURUS & LIBRA Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Taurus being a fixed sign always resists change. They never doubt their own behavior, attitude, or physical appearance, while Libra, an Air sign always remains indecisive and confused about what they desire. Taurus like things to be comfortable and they often feel restricted if Libra continuously interferes out of habit. They together have to accept that they both come from two different worlds to achieve one common goal – a stable relationship.

TAURUS & LIBRA Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3.5/10

Both Taurus and Libra represent Venus who is responsible for the beauty and sexual pleasure in a relation. Due to Venus, there is something very special about the pair but also gives out completely different characteristics. While Libra relies on their eyesight and smelling senses, Taurus relies on their sense of taste and touch. Taurus loves to remain comfortable, while Libra wants everything beautiful in front of them. However, both do connect at some point and always feel attracted towards each other. In terms of sexual intimacy, Taurus takes care of emotions and tenderness while Libra prefers good timing and depth. It is not easy for them to understand each other’s need. That said, they could become needy for each other. However, they both are lovers who choose to avoid chaos and stress in their relationship, which is why they might evolve with a lot of patience.

TAURUS & LIBRA Mental compatibility: 6/10

As both the signs share love for beautiful artwork, they enjoy spending time together, appreciating fine things as long as they don’t get bored of each other. Libra, a balanced sign, always tries to equalize things and to analyze both sides of the coin, while Taurus a lazy being, suspends the debate afterwards. This conflict holds high potential to break their relation.

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